People are just realising where the phrase chance your arm comes from

There are many popular catchphrases around in the UK – with 'chance your arm' being one of them.

But do you know where it actually comes from?

Well according to Twitter, many people didn't, as a post explaining the origins of the phrase has gone viral.

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If you have been living under a rock and haven't heard the phrase before, it makes to undertake something, even though it may be dangerous.

For example, "he decided it was time to chance his arm at the casino".

But how did we end up with that phrase?

A Twitter account named 'Buchanan: Dublin Time Machine' explained all, as they wrote in a post: "The legendary origin of the phrase "chancing your arm" came from Dublin in 1492.

"The Butlers of Ormonde and the FitzGeralds of Kildare were involved in a violent land feud.

"The Butlers retreated to the sanctuary of St Patrick's Cathedral, with the FitzGeralds in hot pursuit.

"A standoff took place, the Fitzgeralds refusing to leave till the Butlers surrendered.

"However, the Butlers feared they'd be massacred by their sworn enemies if they left the sanctuary.

"To break the stalemate, Gerald came up with a genius idea."

The post continued: "To show his sincerity to let the Butlers surrender peacefully, Gerald Fitzgerald cut a hole in the chapterhouse door and put his empty sword arm through, as a gesture of peace. The Butlers recognised the honour of the act of Fitzgerald "chancing his arm".

"Their leader shook Fitzgerald's hand. Both families left the cathedral in peace and in one piece! The 'Door of Reconciliation' is still on display in St Pat's Cathedral this day. Maybe there's someone in your life you should chance your arm with?"

People were loving the post, with it racking up more than 614,000 views.

"Thanks for sharing the legend of the phrase," exclaimed one person.

While another branded it a "fantastic story".

"Cracking post – thanks for sharing," added another.

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