Mum makes son his own snazzy mud kitchen out of old wooden pallets for just £10

To keep ourselves busy during the coronavirus lockdown, lots of us are getting crafty with DIY projects.

If you’re a parent of a young child, you might want to take inspiration from Sheryn Potts.

Single mum Sheryn, 26, from Leven in Fife, Scotland, has crafted her 16-month-old son Luca his very own mud kitchen to play with in the garden – and it cost her just £10.

After finding the idea on Pinterest, Sheryn grabbed some wood pallets leftover from doing her garden last summer, painted them grey, cut one in half, and drilled them together.

She used some spare wood to create a counter top, which she then cut a hole into to create a basin.

An old rake handle was transformed into a towel rack and leftover pieces of decking made perfect little shelves.

Sheryn hand-painted a sign, a chalk board, and some false hobs, then added in a little pot set from Ikea for £6. And voila – Luca had his very own tiny kitchen for playing with mud and sand.

‘My grandad is a joiner so I’ve always been really creative and known from a young age how to build things,’ Sheryn tells ‘It took me roughly a week in my spare time when Luca was napping and sleeping at night.

‘The total cost was around £10 because I had all the accessories lying around the house or in my cupboards but realistically if someone was to build their own they would need two pallets and spare wood for the counter top, wood paint, and the tools to be able to put it all together such as a saw, a drill, screws etc.’

Thankfully all that hard work paid off, as Luca absolutely loves his new kitchen. It’s the perfect way to keep him entertained throughout the lockdown.

‘I’m a single parent so the lockdown experience has been challenging at times, Sheryn says. ‘We are really missing our family, friends and our normal routines such as nursery, work.

‘I have no childcare at present as his nursery is closed due to Covid, therefore I have had to take special leave at work.

‘I am grateful that we are keeping safe and well and know that we just need to occupy our minds and keep busy.

‘As a single parent on their own I always try to go above and beyond for Luca as he’s such a special little boy.

‘He’s a little livewire and needs constant stimulation (hence the mud kitchen idea) but he is happy, loving, and very cheeky!

‘I love doing these little projects for him, it’s more personalised and unique than buying something in the shops and you feel a real sense of achievement building something from nothing.’

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