Mrs Hinch swears by ‘lush’ bathroom product to clean washing machine drawers

Are your washing machine drawers filthy? If you’re looking for the latest cleaning hack , Mrs Hinch certainly has you covered.

The Instagram sensation, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has over 3.2 million followers on the social media page which is dedicated to her tips and tricks.

Those who are battling to keep their kitchen appliances sparkling will benefit from the mum-of-one’s latest hack.

Posting on her Instagram Stories, Mrs Hinch wrote: “Need to quickly clean my washing machine drawer! The machine itself (the drum and rim etc) is fine but the drawer needs doing.

“The drawer will come out but each drawer has its own catch underneath! And it’ll slide off but I can’t do it with one hand! So I’ll be back.”

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Mrs Hinch continued: “To be fair it’s not bad at all! But I do clean this little and often but your drawer get left to build up then the drawer can smart to smell.

“But as you all know I use Flash bathroom to clean my WM drawer. Have done for years I know it’s for the bathroom but it works so well.

“It’s designed to get rid of soap scum and that’s what builds up from your fabric conditioners etc so it works so well for this and smells lush.

Earlier this week, Mrs Hinch shared details on “perfect” wallpaper in her home and it only costs £20.

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She revealed to her excited fans that she uses Milan Metallic wallpaper in the colour grey silver.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, she said: “If I had to choose, it’s my favourite out of all the wallpaper we have in our house. It’s honestly just perfect.

“I’m in love with the texture and the metallic parts really shine when the light hits the wall which use gives it that something extra I think.”

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