Millionaire who built ‘UK’s best man cave’ sells it for £1 to ‘mystery Mexican’

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    The millionaire who built the UK’s “best man cave” revealed he has sold the property for just £1 to a mystery buyer from Mexico.

    Graham Wildin said he has sold the 10,000sq ft property after finally giving up on a lengthy legal battle with Forest of Dean district council.

    He originally built the complex, which contains a bowling alley, casino and a cinema at the back of his home in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, without permission from his local authority more than a decade ago.

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    But following a lengthy legal battle where he was ordered to take the illegal property down on his own dime, he revealed he has sold the place for a paltry £1 to an unnamed buyer from Mexico.

    "It should be worth three-quarters of a million but it needs to be knocked down and that would cost half a million," he told The Sun.

    "When a buyer came forward, I told him ‘You can have it for a quid, mate’.

    "He bought it with the land. I own nothing there now.

    He said the situation was "such a shame because it is the best place in the world".

    Graham added that while he knows who the buyer is, he wouldn't reveal the identity of the owner.

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    His stubbornness throughout the whole ordeal meant he faced harsh consequences for his actions.

    He was jailed for six weeks last year after he failed to comply with court orders to demolish it.

    He had previously been warned several times to knock down the complex behind his home in the Forest of Dean.

    On top of this, The Sun reported that he and family members have since moved out of the home in front of the man cave.

    Graham first infuriated his neighbours after he carried out the work without planning permission in 2014.

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    While homeowners are allowed to make certain changes to their property without planning permission, this doesn’t include adding buildings taller than four metres.

    Despite this, Graham insisted that by digging 18ft into the hillside, he was using a legal loophole that allowed him to build the man cave for family use.


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