Michael Jordan $80 Million Joy Superyacht: Luxury On The Sea

NCB champion Michael Jordan has become famous and prosperous during his basketball career. He owns multiple luxury estates, cars, and superyachts. His $80 million yacht is of particular importance in this list. MJ is listed as one of the wealthiest people in the USA and worldwide. Thus, it comes as no surprise that he might own an $80 million luxury yacht. This is not the only yacht he holds. He has a smaller yacht called Mr. Terrible, which costs about $21 million. This yacht is also pretty impressive, with numerous extravagant conveniences. However, it is nowhere close to the luxury amenities and enormous space that the $80 million boat offers.

The following offers a peek inside Michael Jordan’s $80 million yachts.

An Extraordinary Design and Built

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The $80million superyacht that is often associated with the famous basketball player Michael Jordan is called Joy. This vessel is 230 feet or 70 meters in length, and the outline is about 9.78 feet or 3 meters long. The maximum speed that Joy can reach is about 16 knots, and the cruising rate is about 12 knots.

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The exterior design of the Joy was developed by Bannenberg & Rowell Design. It has a hull made of steel and a superstructure that is built of aluminum. The decks are made of teak wood, and Studio Indigo has done the extravagant interior designing.

A Horde of Classy Conveniences

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The Joy superyacht is a newly made vessel launched in 2016. It comes in a total of 5 decks, each assigned for different activities and purposes. One of the main attractions of this luxury vessel is the owner’s pavilion. It comes with a beautiful master suite and bedrooms with oceanic mosaics as the skylight. There is also an owner’s office space with an extraordinary view.

The entire pavilion offers a 270 degrees view of the ocean and has a classy owner’s lounge for having a frivolous but private moment. The whole ship has been provided with glass insulation to have a comfortable stay during extreme heat or cold.

That is not all; Michael Jordan is known for being hospitable. His yacht has provision for about 12 guests and a crew of nineteen. Friends can come over and stay in the seven luxurious cabins, which are almost as exquisite as the master bedrooms. The bathrooms are all of the granite finish and with rainfall showers. There are spa rooms with a jacuzzi and sauna to offer the guests the best experience of their lives. The yacht makes space generously for a VIP stateroom and twin cabins.

A plethora of Options for Entertainment

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The colossal space allows its passengers a variety of lifestyles. For example, guests can choose sports, domesticity, beach life, or nightlife depending on their mood. The best part of this yacht and why MJ selected this one is the basketball court that it makes space for on the fourth deck. It goes beyond saying that Michael Jordan must be in a mood to play basketball on board even while cruising.

Playing a favorite sport while in the middle of an ocean makes it an exclusive experience. The fourth deck has been built so that it can be converted into any kind of game stack. Sports like football and badminton can also be a source of entertainment when you are onboard.

The main lounge is perhaps the most happening place on this superyacht, especially when the sun goes down. It comes with fancy bars and the most exquisite furniture collection to raise this ship’s status quo. There is a jacuzzi on the aft deck for a more private bath session or relaxation time. The yacht comes with an elevator that will take you to the topmost level, arranged to be a beach club with nightlife entertainment options.

Joy is a unique experience with its wide range of watersports options. It has tender boats, about five paddle bots, four seaboards, water skis, kayaks, and wakeboards. It also stations inflatables and trampolines for extra amusement, and there are fishing scuba equipment and gear for a mind-blowing underwater experience.

Besides, there is ample speculation upon whether Michael Jordan owns this superyacht. But since this yacht has been unavailable for chartering for almost a year, MJ has probably bought it or leased it. Chartering this super vessel comes at a handsome price of $840000 per week. This would be easily affordable to the basketball champion and celebrity Michael Jordan, who has an impressive net worth of approximately $2 billion.

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