‘Men trolled me over weight gain but now call me a skinny hag – women can’t win’

Nadia Bokody is constantly plagued with comments about her appearance – no matter what she looks like.

She was branded a “chubby 4/10” when she gained weight two years ago, as a result of being on medication for her health.

Keyboard warriors even swiped at the Australian writer for posting advice on relationships.

READ MORE: ‘Men trolled me over weight gain but now call me a skinny hag – women can’t win’

She was asked: “Who the hell is asking you for sex advice?”

Nadia told news.com.au: “Men who trolled me seemed to take a new kind of delight in the opportunity to point out an already undeniable truth: my body had changed…

“Swimming beneath these diatribes was the implicit message my work and opinions couldn’t be taken seriously while I was in a larger body. That anything critical I had to say could be written off as a consequence of being bitter at failing to be attractive.”

Disturbingly, this trolling didn’t stop when Nadia came off medication and lost weight.

Nowadays, she’s accused of being “too thin”, “sickly” and “old”.

She’s come to realise women are criticised no matter what size they are.

Nadia said: “A recent comment from a disgruntled male reader, who wrote under a post of mine, ‘Shocking that you get laid while looking like a skinny old hag’, best confirms what many women have at some point suspected: there is no point at which our bodies, or our appearances, will ever be acceptable.”

Even women who are conventionally attractive get comments calling them “fake”, “overdone” or “vapid” – so there really is no winning.

Instead of letting this get her down, Nadia finds it “incredibly emancipating”.

By accepting “you will never be enough” to please everyone, you can focus on living life on your own terms.

In short, be yourself and don’t let the haters hold you back!


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