Jessie Ware opens up on being blistered from burns during childhood holiday

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Jessie Ware has opened up about some of her holiday memories alongside her mum, Helena, who goes by the name of Lennie, who claims she was "doing a good thing" while the singer became sunburnt.

The singer from West London recalled a moment that saw her left "blistered" following a day out in Athens as a child, a day that her mum believed would have been a great day out.

Jessie, 36, and her mum Lennie spoke openly about their trip to Athens, a city filled with history and culture but the day didn't exactly go to plan for this pair.

Speaking about the outing, Jessie said: "Your finest moment was not when you schlepped us up the Acropolis in the blazing heat in the midday sun," to which Lennie added: "I thought I was doing a good thing, Jess."

"Not in the midday sun, and we blistered from the burn – not your best parenting moment," added Jessie recalling the pain she endured.

Lennie continued: "Weren't you glad to have seen the Acropolis, though?"

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel on a rocky area of the Greek city, containing the remains of some of Greece's ancient buildings and architecture.

While some may not be keen on family holidays with their parents after flying the nest, Lennie joked that the pair still love travelling together as Jessie "adores" her mum.

Discussing her love for travelling, the songstress continued: "Initially I think it was because mum was paying but that's changed and I do pay my way now.

"We're just always up for it – I think my husband's always shocked by how much we'll prioritise a holiday over anything."

As soon as Jessie steps off the plane, she admits her mind instantly begins to think of the best place to eat in the destination,

"I'm kind of obsessed with it, to the point where it's very annoying for the people who go on holiday with me," she said.

After giving birth to her third child in July, Jessie revealed she was anxious for the passenger who will find themselves sat next to her on a plane but admits she cannot wait to travel again.

Now that international travel restrictions have eased, the Ware family have organised a trip to Tenerife.

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