Jeremy Clarkson warned by police over his Diddly Squat Farm Shop expansion

Jeremy Clarkson has sparked concern from the police of his expansion plans for his Diddly Squat Farm.

The 61-year-old plans to build a 60-seat restaurant on the site in Chadlington, and recently resubmit planning documents to expand his current shop.

The plans have already caused friction between Jeremy and local residents who are worried about the potential increase in visitors the restaurant could bring.

Jeremy held a meeting with the locals to quash their fears and told them he would be working to find a solution to the problem.

He said: “You have my absolute sympathy. They like to come in and wee on my drive.

“I am just as keen as all of you to try and manage the situation.”

Parish councillor Hilary Moore has written to West Oxfordfordshire District Council to complain that: "the roads are clogged with traffic and the whole area is becoming a danger zone with fast cars showing off their speeds.”

Now the police have become involved saying they also have concerns about the amount of traffic the expansion plans could have.

Speaking to GloucestershireLive, a spokesperson for the police said: "Thames Valley Police does not have any concerns or objection with regards to this current application, provided the building remains in agricultural use.

"However, we do have some concerns that if this application has been made in anticipation of a future change of use application, there is some potential for disruption in terms of highway safety and the potential for a demand on policing being generated by the site.

"Therefore, we encourage the applicant to consult further with Thames Valley Police in the event that the building is considered in the future for commercial use.

They added: ”To clarify, we do not object to further development to the site.

"However, we do need to ensure that any further development does not have a significant detrimental effect to the local community due to the rural location and the traffic management on minor roads in the vicinity.

"Given this small site has received significant national attention, there has been a noticeable increase in traffic in the vicinity, which needs to be managed safely, should the development be expanded.”

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