Jenna Ortegas mom posts about dangers of smoking after daughter is seen puffing cigarette

Mom knows best.

Jenna Ortega’s mom, Natalie Ortega, posted a series of facts about the dangers of smoking to her Instagram Stories after the “Wednesday” star was seen puffing a cigarette in a viral video online.

Natalie, who works as a nurse, started her shady 13-post breakdown with a meme of Gollum, the emaciated creature from “The Lord of the Rings,” alongside the caption, “Don’t believe those lies about cigarettes being bad for you. I’ve been smoking for most my 21 years and I feel great!”

The mom of six then shared screenshots of medical facts about the side effects of smoking, such as lung cancer, damaged teeth and gums, cataracts, brittle bones, smoking stench and oral cancer.

Natalie ended her social-media schooling with a meme about motherhood.

“A mother is always a mother,” the post read. “She never stops worrying about her children, even when they are all grown up and have children of their own.”

Jenna, 20, faced tons of backlash from fans after she was recently seen smoking cigarettes and drinking wine in London.

“legit don’t understand why anybody chooses to actively smoke cigarettes after the general social shift away from them, like 20+ years ago,” tweeted one critic.

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“…y’all really find lung cancer attractive…? Some of y’all are so weird.. I like Jenna Ortega, but this just made her even less attractive to me… like mmmm yummy lung cancer, it taste so great… I’m so disappointed that she’s smoking cigs.. it could’ve been weed,” added another.

However, some fans defended the “You” actress from the criticism, noting that she is an adult and can make her own decisions.

“Like why are you mad about a person you don’t know… smoking a cigarette 😂😂 like there isn’t worse things to worry about 😂,” tweeted one supporter.

“are people really getting mad at Jenna Ortega for smoking a cigarette ? she’s a grown woman she can do whatever she wants,” added another.

Jenna has not publicly addressed the backlash.

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