J Balvin Offers Augmented Reality Experience in Upcoming Livestream Concert

The Colombian musician plans a hi-tech virtual concert dubbed ‘Behind the Colores: The Live Experience’ in order to promote his new studio album amid the pandemic.

AceShowbiz -Colombian superstar J Balvin is set to take the livestream world by storm by creating a virtual special to showcase his new album “Colores”.

The singer released the album at the height of the coronavirus lockdown and he has spent weeks working with creatives to try and find a way to perform the tracks from his pad in Medellin without the show appearing too homemade – and now he’s ready to show fans what he has come up with.

“Behind the Colores: The Live Experience” will hit YouTube on June 20, 2020 and J Balvin can’t wait for devotees to check it out.

“I thought, ‘What can I do that will be different from what reality allows, and that you can only view this way through your cellphone or your laptop, but not in real life,’ ” he tells Billboard. “Simply doing a filmed live concert is never as exciting as the in-person experience. But, what about a concert that’s built to be seen on a screen? There you can really do something different… It’s about creating something that everyone will be talking about.”

The show will be an augmented reality experience, in which Balvin will perform live in a virtual space inside his home while directors in Los Angeles control the look of the broadcast.

“This is a completely different thing,” creative director and producer Antony Ginandjar says, revealing the concept took a month to put together.”

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