Interior designer labels magnolia paint, wicker furniture and word art ‘tacky’

An interiors expert has raised eyebrows by sharing the trends she considers “tacky”.

While we all decorate our homes to our own taste there are plenty of crazes which are a little bit marmite.

You either love them or hate them!

And, interior designer Zoe Warren, who works with, revealed the looks she finds tacky.

And, it seems like she has a strong dislike for word art, classic paint colours and blinds, reports the Sun.

Here are some of the trends she says are “tacky” and "outdated" – are any of them inside your house?

Do you agree with Zoe? Tell us in the comments section…

1. Word art

Zoe claims that those “live, laugh, love” stickers and framed mottos are tacky.

She said: "Word art is a trend that has been around for years – you won't be stuck for wood motif options at home décor stores.

"However, generic plaques reading 'Home' placed around your rooms lacks character and looks tacky."

2. Vertical Blinds

Blinds are handy for keeping the light out and making your home feel cosy.

But, Zoe noted that vertical lines are “unattractive.”

She said: "They lack style and character.

"The plastic beaded chains which tie the strips together makes the blinds look unattractive.

"Make the switch to horizontal roman blinds or delicate curtains for an elegant look."

3. Magnolia paint

While this neutral shade has been around for decades, Zoe says its time to move away from the colour.

While she noted the “buttery yet neutral” shade worked with lots of furniture, but she said it is “outdated”.

The designer suggested going for cool grey or white.

4. Wicker

Zoe suggested that this type of furniture is pretty but best used outdoors.

She said: "In the home, they can look tacky due to the texture. The look suits outdoor settings much better than indoors.

"If you are a big wicker fan, rattan is a popular new trend which gives a stylish nod to this outdated classic."

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5. Potpourri

We’ve all used a stash of these scented, dried flowers to add fragrance to our homes.

But, the interior designer said that it is now “outdated and unappealing”.

Zoe suggested using reed diffusers and air misters instead.

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