Im bringing meat to an all vegan dinner party – people called me an a**hole

Being invited around someone's house for food is always a nice gesture.

But it can be awkward when you're not too keen on the menu.

This omnivore found themselves in quite the sticky situation after they were invited to a dinner party – and all the food was vegan.

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As a keen animal product eater, the guest felt they couldn't go without for the evening.

So they proposed to bring their George Foreman grill and some burgers to cook outside.

However, their reluctance to eat vegan food and make their own meal has not gone down too well.

They took to the 'Am I The A**hole' subreddit to ask if they're in the wrong.

And, they were quick to find out that many people labelled them as the a**hole in the situation.

"So I've been invited to a vegan household for a dinner party," the meat eater explained on Reddit.

"Of the total people going, six of nine aren't vegans.

"Anytime a meal is hosted elsewhere we have two meals, one vegan and one not, so everyone can enjoy what they like.

"Not here though, this is a strictly vegan household.

"No cooking meat products on the BBQ. No cheese, no eggs, no fish.

"I get not wanting to cook meat on their bbq, I have an entire section of my grill sectioned off for vegan/gluten free cooking."

Despite understanding the point of view from the vegans, the guest shared dishes served will contain mushroom – something they are allergic to.

They even felt this has been selected on "purpose".

The guest continued: "I would feel disrespected as a host if a guest brought their own food to my dinner party, then again I try really hard to make sure everyone has options for them at mine.

"So WIBTA (would I be the a**hole) if I brought a George Foreman and some burgers to cook up outside?"

People were quick to share their opinions and grill the guest on their move.

One person said: "Talk to the hosts first and let them know of your allergy.

"If you insist on bringing food, bring vegan food.

Another shared: "I would feel disrespected as a host if a guest brought their own food to my dinner party, then again I try really hard to make sure everyone has options for them at mine."

While a third jibed: "If you bring meat or dairy into a vegan’s home, this would be a huge a**hole move."

Others felt sympathy for the guest who alerted the hosts of their allergy.

This user defended: "You've made numerous accommodations for them and they repay your kindness by making something they know you can't eat. "

A second commented: "If the situation was reversed we all know that all the top comments would say not the a**hole, because that's reasonable, and yet here we are with a double standard for vegans.

"It's honestly gross."

Someone else noted: "You make them vegan food, they make food you're allergic to. The least they can do is let you make or bring your own food."

Let us know in the comments what you think about the guest bringing their own food – are they in the wrong?


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