Im a millionaire – men need to stop touching their d**ks to be successful

Men are spending “too much time masturbating when they could be making money and getting in amazing physical shape”, according to a self-made millionaire and fitness entrepreneur.

Chris Cavallini has chosen to focus on personal growth, fitness and building his business, after making a conscious decision a long time ago to quit watching adult movies and “stop wasting energy” on self-pleasure.

The 40-year-old, who hit headlines recently with his tips for overweight men to gain penis length, wants others to log off the porn sites and join with his philosophy to enrich themselves.

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The CEO and founder of meal prep company, Nutrition Solutions, says he believes watching adult films stands in the way of financial and personal success., and is encouraging men to “take their hands off their d**k".

"If you do not have the self-discipline to keep your own hand off your own d**k, how do you expect to ever impose the self-discipline needed to accomplish anything noteworthy in life," Chris, from Tampa, Florida, US, told

“In my opinion, watching porn is a huge problem that kills drive, and motivation, and destroys growth in every improvement human metric: fitness, family, finance and fulfilment.

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"I'm not just slamming people for watching porn, I’m explaining why it’s in their own best interest to stop and providing real solutions to help them quit for good.

"Some people might not like what I'm saying and I completely understand that – our egos tend not to like it when we get called out.

“But the truth is, if people listened and stopped jerking for just two weeks, they would notice a measurable difference."

Chris, who has 143,000 followers and charges his clients $50,000 (£39,000) per year for his coaching services, claims that porn consumption and masturbation could have a lasting negative physical effect too.

He said: "If you're masturbating all the time, you’re constantly tanking your dopamine and testosterone, which has significant consequences to both physical and mental health.

"Dopamine as a by-product of accomplishment of hard work is a fantastic thing but effortless dopamine is a huge problem because you trick your body into thinking you’re being productive when all you’re really doing is depleting your own energy levels.”

Chris, who “doesn’t see the point” in masturbation himself, also claims that cutting down or giving up masturbation promotes delayed gratification – which can help in other areas of life.

He said: "Success in any area of life is going to be a result of self-discipline – which is your ability to delay immediate gratification.

“When you masturbate to porn you train your brain to always seek the easy path or immediate gratification.

“Like choosing to watch other people have sex on your phone screen rather than approaching a real woman and introducing yourself.

“Or ordering a pizza after a long stressful day instead of hitting the gym.”

For Chris, staying focused on health and fitness has been his single most helpful tool for self-improvement.

And he recommends more men hit the gym instead of touching themselves.

He added: "I can literally attribute fitness to not just changing my life, but saving it.

“It helped me develop all of the traits that I needed to excel in every area of my life.

“Fitness has taught me the importance of discipline and hard work, and what happens when you put those two things together over the long term and demonstrate consistency.

"That is how you manifest endless results, whether it's in business, fitness, or any other area of life.”

Chris, who frequently shares advice with his fans online, has also given two top tips for swapping masturbation for fitness.

He added: “Get in the gym and get yourself in the best physical condition possible.

“The only way to quit a bad habit is to replace it with a new one.

“When you’re actually proud of what your body looks like naked, it gives you supreme confidence and energy that you can use to dominate every other area of life too.

“Block adult sites on your phone.

“Anytime you go to look at a porn site and get the notification that the website is not allowed, do 20 burpees, a very simple, highly effective way to break the pattern and stop being a slave to instant gratification.

“Creating this small barrier of resistance and pattern interruption will help your brain establish new neural pathways to break the cycle of addiction.”

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