‘I’m a fertility psychic who predicts baby gender and when mums will give birth’

When you’re ready to start a family you often have a million questions – and you want the answers right away.

While doctors can respond to most medical queries, there are some outcomes that can’t be predicted – or so we thought.

Fortune-tellers have been prophesying our futures for centuries and there’s now a growing trend for hopeful parents and mums-to-be to seek psychic’s advice on their baby concerns and queries.

Gabrielle Cormack from Plymouth is one such clairvoyant. The 20 year old offers a range of psychic readings on her Etsy page, using tarot cards and her own intuition to answer burning questions about dreams, relationships and pregnancy.

Here, she shares her incredible gift, explains how she has helped countless women on their path to motherhood and why sometimes sadly her messages can bring sorrow too…

“I grew up in a very spiritual household. My mum has her own psychic business too (as a medium and spell caster) so I guess you’d say it runs in the family.

When I was about 12, I realised that I might be gifted like mum. I had a stronger intuition than other kids of my age and I could feel people’s emotions instantly and sense spirits and their energy.

I began pregnancy readings purely out of curiosity. I’m interested in the science of fertility and it’s helped me tune into women who ask for my help.

If someone wants a fertility or pregnancy reading with me, I’ll get them to ask me three questions. The most common are: Will it be a boy or a girl? Will the baby be healthy? What will my baby look like?

Women are often worried if they’ll reach full term, but I don’t feel I can answer that question. I always advise seeking professional medical advice.

I use my intuition and my tarot cards to guide the reading. I see colours, which tell me the baby’s gender. The beauty and warrior tarot cards also guide me as to whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

If a woman is having twins or triplets, I’ll see a number in my head.

Then I might get a picture of a little boy or girl in my mind – that’s what their child will look like. It’s odd to think that I’ve essentially met a person’s child before they have. Who knows, I could pass that child on the street years later.

My job is so rewarding, especially when clients come back with praise. I’ve always been spot on with gender and mothers can’t believe it!

People are most surprised by the personality their child will have. I’ll describe their future baby’s character, whether they’re shy or silly, bold, funny or studious. The dad might pipe up: ‘Oh my gosh, that’s just like me!’

It’s not just happy couples who approach me for advice. I might be contacted in secret by surrogates or women with fertility issues.

One lady had been trying for years and wanted to know if she’d ever be a mum. I have to be careful, because I’m not a doctor, so in this instance I suggested she raise her concerns with her GP.

It’s so rewarding to hear back from clients who say I was spot on with my predictions. It’s reassuring for me and so satisfying to know that I’ve made someone’s day better. The part I enjoy the most is giving people comfort and easing their worries.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes I’ll sense that something isn’t right with a pregnancy, or I’ll get a message that the woman can’t have children.

I have to be careful – as a psychic there’s only so much I can do, so I’ll suggest they get professional help.

I get upset sometimes, especially if I have to give bad news. But I’ve got to be honest with people. There’s nothing worse than sharing a false sense of hope.

My first proper experiences with spirits started happening when I was a teenager. I lived in Surrey in the house my grandfather died in. Thankfully the occurrences weren’t anything terrifying but they made me realise, wow, I’m a bit different to other people.

I’d be minding my own business at home when I’d feel an energy around me. I’d hear things like footsteps and, one night, I heard a loud tap on my bedroom window. I knew it had to be grandad. There was no one else in the room.

It scared me at the time, but once I was sure it was indeed grandad, I got used to it. I was comforted to know that he was there. Now, spirits don’t scare me anymore.

Although these days I live away from my family, I still have a spiritual connection with my mum. We pick up on things happening to each other, like a bad day or even insomnia.

I couldn’t sleep the other night and rang her the next day to see what was wrong. It turned out she couldn’t sleep either – we’re joined in more ways than one.

It’s intense, sensing things other people can’t, but I love being able to pick up on other people’s emotions. Especially the people I love the most.

When I receive messages from the spirit world I’ll see or feel things. The other day I was sat at home and felt someone walk past me, but there was no one there. It may be that the spirit will come forward a little stronger in the next few days, and I’m excited to know what their message is.

Being a psychic can be a bit intrusive at times. But after 10 years, I’m used to it. It’s as normal to me as holding hands or talking to a friend. Thankfully, any contact I’ve had from spirits has been positive. No bad or dark spirits have made contact and I hope it stays that way.

I won’t get messages all the time. I have to be in a quiet place away from the noise of everyday life. I can be in a room with a woman and know if they’re pregnant or trying for a baby. I feel a motherly energy radiating from them.

I’d like to know if I’ll be a mum in the future, but I haven’t picked up any signs yet. I’m sure I’ll know for sure as I get older. I’d love to have children, so I really hope it’s good news when the spirits choose to tell me.”


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