If You’re Feeling Pessimistic, Look to Next Tuesday’s New Moon

To call the time we’re living in “uncertain” would be a bold understatement — and some people may say it’s frivolous to spend brain space on astrology right now. But looking to the stars in periods of instability can afford us solace, respite, and even a little bit of hope. It’s with that in mind that we prepare for the new moon on Tuesday, March 24. It will occur in Aries, the firebrand Ram that delights in competition, rapid progress, and new beginnings. In a sweet coincidence, the new moon is closely tied to new beginnings, as it quite literally signals the start of a new lunar cycle. Spiritually, it presents us with a monthly opportunity to rest, recharge, and, if needed, reset our perspective.

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When the New Moon Is In Aries, Look to the Future

As we mentioned earlier, the new moon is the “clean slate” phase of the lunar cycle: The moon has waned to the point of invisibility in the night sky and, in a matter of days, will begin to wax anew, working toward the next month’s full moon. Its ties to fresh starts and new beginnings melds perfectly with Aries, whose energy urges ever forward, across the finish line (ideally in front of everyone else). This sign-phase combo promises an air of hope and idealism next Tuesday — looking at the times ahead, we’d bottle these vibes if we could.

No matter what you’re striving toward or looking forward to, it’s very easy to feel discouraged, as if the road you have left to travel is stretching itself longer and longer, prolonging the moment when you reach your end. The Aries new moon arrives in time to remind you that, even if you still have miles to go, your hard work and efforts have already brought you farther than you think. Let the thought that you’re doing your best reinvigorate you and prompt you to recommit to a positive, optimistic attitude about the work that’s left to do. And, by staying the course, keeping your eyes on the horizon, and remembering what’s driving you toward your goal in the first place, you’ll continue to surge ahead.

If this Aries-inspired exuberance doesn’t quite fit your current perspective, maybe instead take this time to address some underlying issues.

During the New Moon, Change Comes from Within

There is undoubtedly so much we want to change in the world at the moment — but to focus on forces well beyond our control will not serve us during the new moon. Rather, we’ll find greater satisfaction by directing that desire for improvement inward and seeing where it lands. What about yourself do you wish to mobilize, transform, and present to the world with gusto? How can you raise your voice? Where can you take control?

Aries energy favors the bold, but the new moon favors those who spend the night in quiet reflection. Toe that line by identifying the (potentially dramatic) changes you’d like to see in yourself and, rather than charging horns-first into making those changes, lay out a measured plan to follow for the coming weeks that will get you closer to your goal. As brazenly optimistic as lunar phases in Aries can feel, a certain amount of realism may make your dreams appear a little more attainable.

If Nothing Else, Show Yourself Some Love and Care

If you can’t find the time (or assume the right frame of mind) to reflect next Tuesday, don’t worry that you aren’t doing the new moon justice. Allow yourself to rest, seek peace in the quiet, and channel your energy toward productive, nourishing ends. Making these small choices will subtly equip you with the strength and patience needed to weather the changes yet to come. In doing so, you will be honoring the general spirit of the new moon. And, when you take a moment to care for yourself, you just might end up feeling a little more optimistic anyway.

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