I dont ever want kids – Im sick of people saying my life lacks purpose

A bikini model and designer reiterated to fans her life still has purpose, despite her not wanting kids.

Moan Swim CEO Karina Irby took to her Instagram page to share the statement.

The Australian influencer, who boasts 1.2million followers, shared a messaged she received from one of her followers about kids and being a parent.

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It read: "What do you say to the people that are shocked to hear about you putting in all this work to create 4x businesses, wealth, successes, love, etc. Yet you don't want to have kids.

"You're an only child, who do you leave all that to when you die?

"Besides yourself, Ryan (her husband), parents and employees, who are you doing it for? How does your legacy of awesomeness live on?"

Answering the questions, Karina wrote: "I thought I’d share this DM I received yesterday and post it up for discussion. Why? Because I feel these questions are super interesting and different points of view should be shared.

"Firstly, the way I read this comment, I can see there is no malice or ill-intent here and he is genuinely curious. Which is totally fine! But in case you’re new here, my partner and I are not having children. And we are very open about it."

"This, however, does not mean that our lives don’t have purpose."

She added: "The very notion that we – or others – should only put in effort and drive into our careers just to 'pass it on' to our children blows my mind. Obviously, each to their own. But my outlook on life is a little different to this.

"I choose to live in the present. I choose internal motivation and rewards. I choose to derive my personal value not from my ability to reproduce."

Karina added that when asked 'Who are you doing this for?, she says it's for herself and no one else.

She added: "My life is mine and my value to myself or the world isn’t provided by what I may, or may not, leave to my children. And, to be honest, neither should yours!

"Having children is a lottery. They might not want to take on your family business. They might have different goals, dreams and hobbies to what you’re expecting them to have.

"To plan my life, and derive my personal value, around the expectations or opinions of my unborn children seems utterly ridiculous to me.

"I think you can generate and leave a legacy and an impact on the world without the need to reproduce. What do you think?"

One person agreed as they wrote: "I’m seriously so tired of people thinking have kids is the only way your life has worth and meaning. It’s 2023. Get over it. Kids aren’t that great. Living a life where I wake up whenever I want and spend my money on whatever I want is great."

Another added: "I certainly don’t run my business for a legacy or to leave anything behind. I run my business to have the life I want NOW."

A third chimed in: "Gosh I hate this conversation and judgement. I’m 48 and for reasons that are nobody else’s business I haven’t had children. I’m an absolutely wicked aunt and love all kids. So how about a little less judgmental dialogue friends!"


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