Dog owner discovers pup has the most adorable smile after taking her to groomer

We've seen a umber of adorable dogs capturing hearts online recently – from Winnie the 'Disney' dog to a squad of sausage dogs who are spoiled by their owner as she spends £800 on them each month.

But now there's a new pup stealing everyone's attention – and it's for the sweetest reason.

Ducky the Maltipoo puppy has gone viral on social media because of her absolutely adorable smile.

The little dog, who lives in Northern British Columbia in Canada and is nearly one year old, garnered thousands of fans on Facebook after her owner Gillian shared a look at her flashing her cheeky grin.

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Ducky's owner had always thought she'd had a certain charm about her but after a trip to the groomer recently, the pup's smile was fully exposed and it's so cute.

Speaking to Metro, Gillian said: "Ducky's always had a funny little muppet face, but after her last groom where we had to take off a lot of hair (it was just too shaggy and got out of control), her smile started to shine more than ever."

The 27-year-old who runs Arting Not Farting, adopted Ducky in 2018 after falling in love with a picture of her on social media.

She named the pooch after a character from The Land Before Time and "the rest is history".

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As well as garnering fans on Facebook, Ducky also has her very own Instagram account.

Her bio says: "Eight-month-old Maltipoo who likes to eat, sleep, play and poop (also a Kleenex and sock thief).

And Ducky isn't the only dog that recently had a successful trip to the groomers.

A little dog that had been compared to Hagrid from Harry Potter was well and truly transformed in a video that was posted to YouTube.

The silver poodle was very scruffy looking when she went in, with wild curly fur that had gotten so long she had to have it tied back out of her eyes.

After five minutes and forty seconds the dog is completely unrecognisable – which was bound to have been a shock for her owners when they picked her up.

More than  eight million people  have viewed the video, giving it 125,000 likes.

One person replied: "This dog literally transformed into a princess."

Another said: "I'm sure the dog is asking 'Is that me, is that me? I can't believe that's me.' Oh so cute."

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