Daily horoscope for October 25: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope kicks off with Earth;s natural satellite entering an auspicious new star sign. The Moon enters star sign Pisces at 9.19pm GMT – remember it is the end of British Summer Time (BST) on Sunday morning.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott considered the Pisces Moon to be conducive on focussing on the self.

He said: “This is the self is seen from the perspective of the Universe and the higher realms that are manifest.”

The Sun and planet Mercury are in star sign Scorpio, the emotional world and your imagination will only grow and grow.

Mr Scott said: “If you struggle with meditation or facing the truth about yourself, it is really easy today.

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“And it is worth doing because you are able to transcend your own issues and limitations.

“You cannot resolve problems unless you recognise you have them to limitations that need to be overcome.”

The Moon then Trines Mercury and the Sun in star sign Scorpio.

Trines in astrology are thought of as favourable astrological aspects involving two cosmic bodies 120 degrees apart.

Mr Scott said: “Remember – Pisces is Water, the Communication Planet is Water and as is the Sun.

“All is feeling, intuition and the un-manifest looking in and healing those things.”

“And finally the Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio all connect with each other as well.

“It therefore really full-on – with personal growth, spiritual development and self help all up for grabs.”

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These will all be available to you as another weekend starts to draw to an end.

This theme will likely have been felt in the astrological atmosphere all week.

But this feeling will have only intensified in the days leading up to Sunday.

Mr Scott added: “Many people want to change, but find it impossible.

“And this can be really difficult and even uncomfortable.

“But if you do want to tackle certain behaviours or way of life, ask yourself why it is so difficult.

“Change is normal – everything on planet Earth has to change, such as the seasons or the fluctuations in the energies.

“Otherwise you are going to be left behind and a mere memory.”

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