Climate change: How UK cities will look in 2100 if environment issues tackled now – report

The futuristic renders of Britain’s suggest polluting cars – or even roads – will no longer be required by 2100. And rain-guzzling skyscrapers and ‘living’ green buildings will also pop-up across the UK’s urban areas.

The Climate Coalition and Dr Serena Pollastri, a University of Lancaster expert in Urban Futures and co-author of reports for the British Government’s Foresight Future of Cities Project, joined forces to offer an indication of a brighter future, should the Government act immediately to combat climate change.

We need to act now to achieve a greener future for the UK

Dr Serena Pollastri

The report, commissioned by ice cream activists Ben & Jerry’s, suggests this could all become a reality in the next century, should decisive action be given top priority in the UK’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan.

The campaigners intend to inspire others to sign The Climate Coalition’s declaration, calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lead the UK towards a healthier, greener future.

Their ambitious three-point plan suggests jobs can be saved while protecting the environment and supporting people at risk.

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They suggest unleashing a clean energy revolution can potentially boost jobs.

In addition, protecting, restoring and expanding green and wild spaces can remove harmful carbon from the environment.

And they believe this can be done while increasing support for the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, by constructing more resilient communities.

Dr Serena Pollastri told “We need to act now to achieve a greener future for the UK, which includes a significant reduction in carbon emissions and taking meaningful steps towards cleaner energy.

“Starting with business and the introduction of carbon quotas is one way to tackle the issue, for large companies this would see the level of carbon emissions regulated through company taxes, receipt of goods and services to customers, making them more accountable.

“On a day-to-day level, working towards cleaner energy could be as simple as ensuring combined heat and power systems are used within the home, access to domestic sources of renewable energy should also be a growing priority in the UK.

“This could also be helped by reducing reliance on cars for flexible, efficient and affordable mobility, guaranteed by a strong integrated network of diverse low carbon transport solutions.

“These include pedestrian and cycle routes, light rails, bike-sharing schemes, and electric trams and buses.”

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Clara Goldsmith from The Climate Coalition said: “Our best chance of building a stronger economy post-COVID-19 goes hand-in-hand with tackling climate change.

“We hope the Save our Swirled Now art series inspires the UK to envision a future where we have tackled the climate crisis and protected what we love from its worst effects.

“The solutions portrayed in this artwork are at our fingertips, and the time to act is now.

“We need the Government to invest in growing clean industries and preserve green spaces now, instead of locking in pollution for decades to come.

“We’re urging the general public to join more than 100,000 people, who’ve already signed our declaration to the Prime Minister, in demanding a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone.”

Cat Baron, UK Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, added: “It’s no secret climate change is not only the single biggest threat to our planet’s ecosystems, it is an existential threat to all life – and we’ve got to act now to build a better future.

“With these art pieces, we want to show that a future where we are coexisting seamlessly with nature, generating cleaner energy with more jobs and ensuring support for those in the UK and abroad most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change looks pretty sweet and is within reach.

“In fact, many of these changes are not contingent on technology of the future, they could be a reality as soon as a green and fair economic recovery is implemented.

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