Bianca Nemelc Navigates Femininity in "As It Ripens" Exhibition

Bianca Nemelc is currently showcasing a new body of work at New York City’s Cheryl Hazen Gallery as part of an exhibition titled “As It Ripens.” The Bronx-based artist continues to explore themes of sisterhood and feminism across her new figurative-meets-abstract paintings that portray Brown bodies set against dreamy tropical environments and minimalist domestic spaces.

“What my work really is, is taking up space and being in the world so I’m just creating these women to exist outside of me. In the beginning, I think it was more me figuring out how I moved in the world and just putting that out there, so a lot of the environments are very reflective of real life — the kitchen, the living room, places that existed. And so they’ve kind of grown from that and are now creating their own world,” said the artist to HYPEBEAST in an exclusive interview.

Highlighted works include Nemelc’s View From The Top 2020 piece that seemingly puts viewers into the perspective of a nude female subject laying on her back and looking towards a beige-colored sea. Another standout work is a tondo called Watering 2020 that features a cropped view of a female subject’s form setting beside what looks like coastal plants on the foreground.

View select works in the slideshow above and then visit Cheryl Hazan Gallery’s website for more information. “As It Ripens” is on view until November 28.

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Cheryl Hazan Gallery
35 N Moore St # 1
New York, NY 10013
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