9 Best Christmas tree toppers to buy in 2021

THE best Christmas tree toppers are the icing on your festive decor cake.

They provide the final cheery flourish to your seasonal decorations and make your Christmas tree pop.

Picture the scene: the fire is crackling, festive tunes are in the air and you have a warm mug of hot chocolate in hand as you decorate your tree.

Crowning your Christmas tree with an impressive topper is the final glory moment, so choose wisely.

A star or angel are classic, popular choices that won't let you down, but if you're after something more unique or outlandish, every year a whole set of new and interesting topper options appear.

From personalised gold lettering that spells out your family name to novelty bearded Santa characters and starry LED light shows, now's the time to step up your tree topper game.

Here's our selection of some of the best Christmas tree toppers to buy right now.

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Cox & Cox Golden String Star Topper

  • Cox & Cox Golden String Star Topper, £7.50 from Cox & Cox – buy here

There's nothing like a gleaming gold star to really set the mood for the Christmas season and this striking Cox & Cox Golden Topper will be a magical focal point to your tree.

A three-dimensional shape that's mirrored and glittered on every side, it'll elevate your seasonal decor no end.

M&S Red Velvet Bow Tree Topper

  • M&S Red Velvet Bow Tree Topper, £9.50 from M&S – buy here

A Christmas look that's classic yet contemporary is hard to pull off, but this beautiful M&S Red Velvet Bow Tree Topper ticks that box nicely.

Covered in gold embellishments and made in luxurious burgundy velvet, this bow offers a high-end look for a great value price.

John Lewis & Partners Felt Santa Tree Topper

  • John Lewis & Partners Felt Santa Tree Topper, £12 from John Lewis – buy here

If an angel's not your thing, but you still want a character to grace the summit of your tree, a bearded Santa is a jolly alternative.

Kids will adore this John Lewis & Partners Felt Topper and it's an exciting daily reminder of what (and who) is to come.

Lights4Fun Crown Tree Topper

  • Lights4Fun Crown Tree Topper, £24.99 from Lights4Fun – buy here

Crowning your magnificent Christmas tree seems only right when you consider its impact to the look and feel of your festivities.

Covered in 60 warm white LEDs that glow across its silver frame, this topper will add a modern regal vibe to your living room.

The Range Berries and Pinecone Tree Top Star

  • The Range Berries and Pinecone Tree Top Star, £5.99 from The Range – buy here

A touch more rustic than your average shiny gold star, this tree topper from The Range features sprigs of red berries, pinecones and snow-dusted leaves.

It's the perfect low-key look for your festive decor and at just £5.99 it's easy on your bank balance too.

The Letter Loft Personalised Wire Tree Topper

  • The Letter Loft Personalised Wire Tree Topper, £48 from Not On The High Street – buy here

There's no getting away from it – personalisation is never not cute. And this Personalised Wire Tree Topper is the perfect way to put your family's stamp on your Christmas tree.

Intricately hand crafted from gold wire, happy shoppers say its well made and looks beautiful.

Gisela Graham Tree Top Angel

  • Gisela Graham Tree Top Angel, £12.99 from Gisela Graham – buy here

As treetop angels go, this one is hands down one of the prettiest we've seen.

In frothy layers of sugary pink tulle, it'll cast a spell on any mini ballerinas and lovers of magic in your life.

Next Bow Tree Topper with Streamers

  • Next Bow Tree Topper with Streamers, £20 from Next – buy here

For a Christmas tree finishing touch that goes one better than your average, this Next Bow Topper is a show-stopper.

Beginning in a pretty bow bundle that sit at the top, cascading ribbons dramatically drape to the floor in tumbling curls.

Available in gold or silver, depending on your chosen festive hues, it'll be a talking point for anyone who claps eyes on it.

Rocket St George Gold Leopard Christmas Tree Topper

  • Rocket St George Gold Leopard Christmas Tree Topper, £25 from Rocket St George – buy here

Move aside classic stars and pretty angels, for something that little bit extra this Christmas, a Gold Leopard Christmas Tree Topper from Rocket St George is the answer.

Featuring eternally glamorous leopard print, it'll suit any tree that's doing things a little bit differently this year. Pair with the brand's leopard baubles for a festive look that has bags of big cat attitude.

Where to buy Christmas tree toppers?

As the lead up to Christmas heats up, shops and supermarkets are fillingwith festive decor.

Supermarkets are great if you want to see your Christmas tree topper in person, but the choice online is hard to beat.

Just a handful of the best online shops we found on travels were: The Range, M&S, John Lewis, Amazon and Wayfair.

Does a Christmas tree need a topper?

Does Santa need a hat? While a Christmas tree can definitely go up without a topper, pop one on the top and you'll instantly understand why they're so key.

Sitting at the pinnacle of your Christmas tree, the right topper will set the tone for your entire tree and complement and amplify your Christmas decorations as a whole.

We've designed Sun Selects to help you to find the best products that won't break the bank.

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