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WHETHER you’re a serious gamer or an occasional player, how and where you sit makes all the difference between an enhanced gaming experience and a back-breaking one.

You can buy a high-quality gaming chair, that gives your back and neck ergonomic support, for less than you might think. But there’s more to it than comfort.

A good gaming chair allows for perpendicular sitting and helps align your arms with the screen, encouraging better blood circulation, meaning you’re less likely to let lethargy, dizziness or aches cramp your gaming session.

With so many multi-sensory and interactive gaming chairs on the market, the price tag for top-end models can be staggering.

But just because you can’t afford a space-age simulator, doesn’t mean you have to settle for your beat-up old sofa.

How much is a cheap gaming chair?

While you can spend a massive amount on PC gaming chairs (we've rounded up the best gaming chairs money can buy), they also come at more affordable price tags.

On this list, none of the options are over £150, and some cost as little as £44.99.

Are gaming chairs good for posture?

Gaming chairs should be good for your posture.

A great gaming chair will support both your lower and upper back to keep your comfortable when you're locked in for a marathon session of Fortnite.

When using a chair for a long time, the NHS recommends having your arms parallel to the floor, your knees slightly lower than your hips, your screen at eye level and your feet flat on the floor.

If your gaming chair lets you do all of the above, that'll help keep your back in decent condition.

Check out the rest of the NHS' tips on posture here.

1. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair



  • IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair, £65.99 at Amazon – buy here

The IntimaTe gaming chair is easy to assemble (many can be maddeningly cumbersome) and comes finished in durable PC leather with contrast stitching or wear and tear resistant mesh fabric.

Fully adjustable to cater to height and weight, the five-point base keeps the chair rooted yet smooth-rolling, with a cushioned seat surface and arms rests designed to hold you ergonomically in place.

Available in four colours.

2. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

  • GTPlayer Gaming Chair, £129.99 from Amazon – buy here

Even the fussiest customer will be satisfied with the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair.

The design is easily customised, allowing you to find your perfect posture using adjustable arm rests, height and rock.

Customers were pleased with the level of comfort the chair provided and praised its easy assembly.

And the GTPlayer comes with a two-year warranty on any manufacturer faults, so you can be sure it's built to last.

3. Mayhem Micro 2.0 Floor Rocker

  • Mayhem Micro 2.0 Floor Rocker, £69.99 at Very – buy here

For gamers inclined to recline, this stylish red and black chair offers the right support for even the hardest of slumps thanks to its breathable mesh lining and sturdy headrest.

Better still, it comes mounted with a speaker system with high quality audio to maximise added immersion. Perfect for junior gamers looking to shut out the world for the duration of gameplay.

Compatible with most major gaming devices.

4. X-Rocker Gaming Chair – Black and Blue

  • X-Rocker Gaming Chair, £44.99 at Argos – buy here

For the gamer who doesn’t want to annoy a partner or parent by ruining the furniture scheme with a blazing bright chair, this easy to fold and store away recliner is the answer.

With a high-resilience foam padding designed to sustain long gaming sessions, its faux leather finish gives it a sleek feel, making it easy to wipe clean.

The chair itself doesn’t connect to the console or TV, but it does the job of providing gamers with the comfortable support.

5. i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag

  • i-eX Elite Gaming Chair Bean Bag, £79.99 at Amazon – buy here

Say goodbye to constantly shuffling your backside on a bean bag to find that sweet spot. With a deep bucket seat and a supportive high-back, this is the throne of bean bags.

Double-stitched and double-zipped, the chair comes with a panel of foam fixed into the back and seat to create added structure and comfort; you’ll feel like you’re on a racing car seat!

For complete comfort, you can even add on a footstool for just a fiver!

6. Florpad Ground Protection Mat



  • Floorpad Ground Protection, £63.99 at Amazon – buy here

Transform the humble office chair into an instant gaming pod with this smooth gliding anti-slip floor pad. Made with the same material used by combat divers, it’s heavy duty and designed to withstand chair pressure, with the added benefit of cancelling out the sound of charged-up game action.

Your floors and neighbours will love you for it! (Chair not included).

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