Tash Sultana Tour Dates 2022

The performances of the famous Australian multi-instrumentalist were awaited by many fans in America, and not only. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many concerts were canceled, and this greatly upset the singer’s fans. It is worth noting that the artist actively popularizes the direction of instrumental music and she succeeds superbly. So, Tash Sultana has sealed a concert tour for 2022. According to critics, the tour will be very successful. It is reported that the tour will take place mainly in North America, but the artist will not neglect Canada, where she also has a lot of fans. In Canada, Tash plans to visit cities such as Toronto, Edmonton, and possibly Vancouver (this information is being clarified now). The tour is scheduled for June and July. In total, according to the initial plan, 22 concerts will take place, but their number may increase. The demand for the performer’s tickets is quite high, especially in large cities. Buying tickets in advance will be the right decision. We emphasize that if you prefer to buy tickets via the Internet, then you need to use only proven sites, such as Vivid Seats or other legitimate services. The tour will be performed in support of the album called “Terra Firma”, which is currently the last record of the singer.

Tash Sultana Concert Tour Album

Terra Firma is one of those albums that critics call very memorable. There are many different comments about the album, both good and bad, but no one remained indifferent to the record. The album was released in 2021, it’s brand new, but they talk about it a lot. According to Tash Sultan, after finishing writing the album, she felt like a completely happy person because she managed to throw out all her emotions in the composition. The average rating of the album from critics is 7 points out of 10, although fans of the singer rate the album much higher.

Tash Sultana Concert Tour Questions & Answers

What Tash Sultana Ticket Prices?

On average, the cost of tickets for the artist’s concert is $ 160. Nevertheless, it is worth it because the cost varies depending on the city and the venue of the concert, depending on the venue, and of course, depending on the ticket category.

Does Tash Sultana sell meet and greet?

Tickets of this category are on sale, but not always.T ash sold over half a million tickets across the globe, but mostly it’s standard tickets. It is known that the singer does not like meet and greet very much. But if you want to buy a ticket in this category, then you should track the availability immediately after the announcement of concert dates.

How do I contact Tash Sultana?

To arrange an order for an artist’s performance, an interview, or a meeting at a conference, you need to contact the agency by phone at 1-888-752-5831

Tash Sultana Bio

Tash Sultana is an incredibly talented, versatile, and, according to many, a unique personality. The girl not only writes and sings songs, but she is also a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. She also does an excellent job as a producer and engineer. She positions her work as a “one-person-band”

and she is proud that her work is original. One of Tash’s most successful compositions is a single called “Jungle” which brought her international fame. It is worth noting that the success of this song began with social networks, in which the singer shared her work. In 2017, the artist made a world tour, which was closely followed by critics: it was an absolutely sold-out and incredibly successful tour. At the moment, the singer is actively moving up the career ladder, delighting fans with a new sound and an interesting presentation of musical material. According to critics’ forecasts, in the com, ing years the girl will have incredible success.