Queen Elizabeth Makes Her First Official Appearance Since Lockdown Started

Just like the rest of the world, Queen Elizabeth has been in quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sunday Times previously reported that the queen “will remain at Windsor Castle indefinitely,” due to the risks involved with her public-facing royal engagements. And although it could be quite some time before Queen Elizabeth returns to her regular royal duties, the monarch did step out for her official birthday celebration on Saturday.

While the queen’s actual birthday is on April 21, the British monarch also has a birthday celebration on the second Saturday of June each year. Trooping the Colour is a grand affair, and usually includes a large number of royal family members.

Even though the queen’s birthday ceremony was much smaller in 2020, Her Majesty looked delighted with the event. While the monarch sat on a podium outside of Windsor Castle, members of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards carried out military drills in her honor.

For the special occasion, Queen Elizabeth wore a light jade dress designed by Stewart Parvin, and a chic matching hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. She also donned her Welsh Guards brooch, and wore a light floral dress under her coat. The monarch smiled throughout the ceremony and seemed elated to be celebrating the historic occasion.

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