Paul Burrell baffles ITV viewers with claim the Queen ‘taught me to speak English’

Paul Burrell, former butler to the British Royal Family, appeared on Thursday morning's episode of Lorraine where he gave an insight into what would be happening ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Paul, 63, worked with the royals from the age of 18 and served the Queen, 96, for 11 years. This weekend the nation is celebrating her impressive 70 years on the throne.

Whilst reminiscing about his time with Her Majesty, the ex-footman spoke about how when he arrived at Buckingham Palace as a young man.

He explained how whilst working for the Queen she became his "strange" surrogate mother and taught him how to speak "properly".

He said: "I was with her for 11 years and I was personally with her for 10 – I travelled the world with her.

"When I arrived at Buckingham Palace aged 18 in 1976 she became my surrogate mother, in a very strange way behind closed doors.

"I used to think, I wish my family could see this because she taught me. I had abroad Derbyshire accent and she used to teach me English and how to speak properly."

Paul also revealed that the Queen would encourage him to get married and had a "personal interest in his family" – even asking him to bring his newborn son to see her.

"She encouraged me to get married. She loved it when we had children, she had a personal interest in my family," said Paul.

After Paul's first child was born, instead of ringing his own mother or his wife's mother, he rang the Queen. He then brought his son straight from the hospital to see the Queen where she held him.

Lorraine viewers were quick to share their thoughts, with one person pointing out that regional dialects have been around a lot longer than "the Queen's English".

The user posted on Twitter, saying: "Paul Burrell saying the queen taught him to speak "English" because he had a broad Derbyshire accent.

"The regional dialects in England are older than "Queen's English" more proof of what they think of the common English person."

Another person appeared shocked by the anecdote, writing: "The Queen taught Paul Burrell how to speak ‘properly’ and not in his original northern accent [shocked emoji]."

A third person joked: "Paul Burrell just said he had a broad Derbyshire accent when he arrived at the palace and the queen taught him to “speak English, speak properly” and. I. Can. Nooooooot."

Other fellow Derbyshire locals responded, saying: "The Derbyshire accent is speaking properly."

"So Derbyshire isn't in England?," asked another.

And a sixth person, who admitted to not being a Royal fan, questioned whether the Queen would see the Derbyshire accent as not "proper English".

They wrote: "I'm no monarchist but I have difficulty imagining the Queen would have put it (or thought of it) that snobbily."

Earlier in the show, Paul and temporary host Ranvir Singh tasted different Jubilee goodies, including; champagne, crisps and cakes.

The former butler revealed the Queen's favourite champagne was favourite champagne was Krug and even told a lovely anecdote about the announcement of Prince William's birth.

He said: "I remember when Prince William was born, the Queen said go down to the cellar and bring up a bottle of champagne and we clinked a glass of champagne in her sitting room."

And if you wondered how one serves a glass of champagne Paul provided a demonstration as he poured Ranvir, 44, a glass.

He explained the glass must remain on its side and always hold it by its stem. Oh, and it's pronounced "Mo-et" not "Mo-ay" – just another helpful tip for us as we attempt to appear more proper this weekend.

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