Max George’s GF Insists She’s ‘Living Every Girl’s Dream’ Despite Criticism of Their 13-Year Age Gap

The 34-year-old singer of The Wanted and his 21-year-old girlfriend Maisie Smith defend themselves, insisting they never pay attention to their age gap amid criticism.

AceShowbizMax George is unbothered by the 13-year age gap between himself and Maisie Smith. After going official with the 34-year-old singer in August, Maisie, 21, now insists she’s “never” noticed the age difference.

“People ask me, ‘Do you notice it?’ and I never have. We’re so like-minded. I’ve got friends in their 30s and 40s. You connect with who you connect with,” Maisie said.

Max doesn’t give any thought to the age gap, either. He told HELLO! magazine, “It never enters my mind. Maisie has already done so many things that I’m in awe of – I look up to her.”

On the other hand, Maisie thinks she’s living “every girl’s dream” by dating Max. The actress also hailed her boyfriend’s romantic side. Maisie shared, “When I get off a train, Max will be standing on the platform with a bouquet of flowers and I feel like I’m in a movie. It’s every girl’s dream and I’ve found it in Max.”

Maisie is, in fact, happier than she’s ever been, despite the talk about the age gap. She explained, “Only the opinions of people close to me are important. My parents couldn’t be happier – they know Max absolutely adores me and that’s the most important thing to them.”

Max and Maisie initially started out as friends. But their relationship changed when they went on a group holiday to Portugal this summer. The pop star explained, “Towards the end of the holiday, I could feel I was looking at her differently. I thought, ‘What’s happening here?’ I was pretty nervous to see if it was reciprocated.” Maisie added, “I don’t know the moment things changed, they just did.”

Max still has vivid memories of their first-ever kiss, describing it as a “mental” moment. He said, “The moment I first kissed Mais, that was mental.”

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