Martin Roberts talks Homes Under The Hammer future amid ‘challenging’ backstage changes

Homes Under The Hammer: Martin Roberts says he’s not leaving

Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts, 57, has admitted that the BBC programme has become more difficult to film due to the coronavirus pandemic increasing “the amount of hoops that you have to jump through” to gain access to properties. The property expert addressed the situation in an exclusive interview with, as he reflected on having to suddenly put a stop to filming during the first lockdown in March 2020.

Speaking towards the end of last year, he divulged: “We haven’t been filming, we stopped filming in March.

“We’ve done a few days here and there in the last month or so, whereas I would have done, in an average month, maybe 20 days filming.

“In the last month, I’ve done one day and the previous six months, I did none.”

Although restrictions caused by the pandemic have changed how the show operates behind-the-scenes, Martin insisted he and the team have “found ways they can make the show”.

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In a reassuring message to fans, he continued: “We are finding ways that we can make the show and we have started filming again.

“But where we would do two properties in one day we are now doing one, and to get those properties, the amount of hoops that you have to jump through, as you imagine, are considerable.

“So it’s very challenging, but we are doing it and we’ll continue doing it and it might be slower, but we will make new shows.”

Martin went on to reveal he and the team recently returned to film properties they visited before the first national lockdown.


He explained: “We did do a lot of filming just before lockdown, so those properties have now come to fruition, so we’re going back to film those.

“So new shows of Homes Under The Hammer will continue but like most television production, it’s been very challenging.”

Martin also opened up about missing his co-stars, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell, when England was first plunged into lockdown.

The star said: “It’s like the simplest little things you took for granted, like a little camaraderie on set, and just the socialising. 

“Human beings are social animals, we live and breathe by social interaction so when that’s taken away, you go into survival mode.

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“So yes, you can survive, but it’s not really living is it?”

He then added: “It’s unknown for all of us what will happen next and also feeling that it’s out of your control.

“You can do your bit to respond, but other people are making fairly draconian decisions, which take away some of your basic rights if you like and that can be taken away at any moment, subject to whatever they decide to do, and you have to work very hard at taking that on balance.”

Elsewhere, Martin recently confirmed he has no plans to leave Homes Under The Hammer and is hoping to make it to his 20-year anniversary on the show.

In his weekly Q&A Ask Martin Monday a fan had written to him on Twitter about their concerns, penning: “Please can you confirm you’re not leaving Homes Under The Hammer?

“You are the heart and soul of the show and if you leave I might not actually watch it anymore…. I’ll miss your awful puns as well,” they joked with a wink.

“Well, I can confirm that unless you know something I don’t, I am not leaving Homes Under The Hammer,” he said, responding to the query on his YouTube channel.

“We are struggling to film it but we are finding ways to bring it to your screens,” he explained. I’m off filming – socially distanced, Covid secure – next week and we are doing everything we can to get the show to you.”

The host then added: “I’m hopefully going to make it to 20 years at least!”

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