Kim Kardashian's Outfit in SNL's First Promo Teaser Skipped Fall and Went Straight to Winter

Saturday cannot get here soon enough. Aside from it being the first day of the weekend and all, it also marks the first time ever that Kim Kardashian will host Saturday Night Live.

Giving fans a peek at what to expect from the reality star's inaugural appearance (fashion, included), NBC tweeted out a teaser from the upcoming show. In it, Kim stood alongside cast member Cecily Strong and Halsey — the night's musical guest — wearing an unseasonably warm outfit. Dressed in a crushed velvet bodysuit with a turtleneck and built-in matching gloves, Kim's outfit skipped over fall entirely and headed straight to winter. I mean, nothing captures the holidays quite like a plush velvet fabric from head to toe — right?

"Hi, I'm Kim Kardashian West, and I'm hosting SNL this week with Halsey," Kim said in the clip, before Cecily chimed in: "Oh my gosh, this crazy thought just occurred to me in this exact moment right now. Should we start our own girl group?"

Halsey replied, "Absolutely not." Kim added, "We already said no when you pitched that backstage."

When asked if she's "nervous" about doing sketch comedy for the first time, Kim responded, "Why? I don't have to write sketches, do I? Memorize lines?" She jokingly continued her line of questioning, "Everyone else won't look as good as me, will they?" Strong assured her, saying: "No, absolutely not."

Earlier this week, a source told People that Kim is both "nervous and thrilled" about the hosting gig. The insider also revealed that Kardashian has enlisted her ex-husband Kanye West to advise on her upcoming appearance. "He's giving her advice," the source said. "She feels a lot of pressure. She wants to wow the audience." We wonder if he's also consulting on her wardrobe?

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