Kelly Dodd: My Mom’s in the ICU With COVID But it’s Not My Fault!

Months and months of Kelly Dodd’s proud covidiocy led to a ratings-tanking boycott of RHOC.

Worse, her diabetic mother is now in the ICU with COVID-19.

There is such a thing as bad publicity, and it’s when you keep making headlines for being a callous troll during a deadly pandemic.

Since early into COVID-19’s stranglehold on our nation, Kelly has mocked the pandemic, precautions, and the death toll.

She has willfully spread dangerous misinformation about the virus, flauted safety guidelines, and called the pandemic “God’s way of thinning the herd.”

One of the results has been a boycott by viewers as well as by a number of bloggers who refuse to cover this season of RHOC.

The show gives Kelly a continued platform from which she can spew dangerous nonsense

Now, the pandemic has hit close to home.

There were recent reports about Bobbi Meza, Kelly’s mother, being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Obviously, some fans wondered if this might be misinformation or merely a rumor.

Kelly took to Instagram to confirm that, yes, her mother is in the ICU.

Kelly is asking fans to pray for her at this time.

Naturally, some wondered how Kelly is feeling about her previous, disgraceful statements about COVID-19, specifically her “thinning the herd” remark.

Instead of expressing her regret or lamenting her hubris or whatever, Kelly decided to play word games.

“She’s not dying,” Kelly countered.

She added that Bobbi is “not on a ventilator.”

Kelly then clarified that it is her diabetic mother’s blood sugar that has her more worried than this deadly virus.

In the exact same comments section where Kelly confirmed that her mother is in the ICU, she continued to willfully misunderstand viral transmission.

“If your pants can’t contain [flatulence],” Kelly disgustingly argued, “you think a strip of fabric can contain a virus?”

Yes, we do. Both because this has been repeatedly demonstrated by disease experts, and because most of us don’t wear N95 masks over our buttholes.

“She does wear a mask full time and still got it!” Kelly countered when a fan asked if she would finally take mask-wearing seriously.

Without proof, Kelly then insisted: “I’ve never been sick or got anyone sick!”

As Kelly would know if she actually listened to experts, mask-wearing primarily protects other people from infection, and is much more effective when everyone does it.

Wearing a mask drastically reduces the odds that you will transmit the novel coronavirus to anyone else.

Everyone around you wearing masks will drastically reduce the odds of you getting any of the virus. Avoiding being near anyone will take that even further.

Kelly would know that if she cared enough about other people to have bothered listening months and months ago.

Her claim that she never had the virus is also questionable. She is a physically healthy 45-year-old.

Nonetheless, she seems fixated on insisting that she has always taken this “seriously.”

Of course, Kelly’s version of taking it “seriously” involved jetting back and forth between California and New York when New York was burying its dead in mass graves.

It may seem cruel to point out Kelly’s series of wrongdoing and her deliberate ignorance when her mother is unwell.

This is not schadenfreude — it’s important to put Kelly’s recklessness in context when we discuss this, no matter how her mother came by the virus.

We wish Bobbi a speedy recovery from this horrific virus.

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