Kailyn Lowry: I Ghosted My Mom and My Sister! They’re Just Dead Weight!

Teen Mom 2 fans are known to speculate about Kailyn Lowry’s personal life.

That is one of several reasons that she opens up to her followers. She wants to clear the air.

This week, Kail opened up about why she went no-contact with her mother.

She is also shedding light on where things stand with her estranged sister.

On Wednesday, May 26, Kailyn Lowry held an Instagram Q&A to answer fan questions.

One follower asked: “What was the final straw that made you cut your mom off?”

Kailyn’s answer was thoughtful, but firm.

“There was no final straw,” Kailyn explained.

“I was just tired,” she expressed.

“And I knew if I had any chance at personal growth and being a good mom,” Kailyn wrote, “I had to cut off the dead weight.”

Kailyn Lowry IG - cut off mom "dead weight"

Naturally, another fan had to ask: “How is your relationship with your sister?”

Kailyn responded cleverly, posting a photo of her face, looking confused.

“Sister?” she asked, as if she did not know what the fan meant.

Biologically speaking, Kailyn’s mother is Suzi.

She also has, again biologically speaking, a half-sister named Mikaila Shelburne.

But Kailyn’s disinterest in having either of them in her life is currently loud and clear.

In February of this year, Kailyn shared that she honestly had “no idea” where Suzi lives.

In fact, she only found out where her estranged mother works because of fans.

Fans told her — meaning that they knew more about her mom’s life than she did.

“I think she’s working,” Kailyn admitted on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Vee Rivera.

“I have no idea where they live,” she shared.

“I was, like, snooping, and someone sent me some stuff,” Kail described, “’cause I had posted about it.”

“Viewers sent me where she works,” Kailyn shared.

“But,” she added, “I changed my phone number so she would never be able to call me now.”

Kail and Suzi have not met up in person since Lincoln was a baby. He is now seven.

A year ago, Kailyn did speak on the phone with her mother.

Viewers saw this play out on Teen Mom 2.

Kailyn has spoken about Suzi’s issues, including the accusation that she is addicted to alcohol.

“I don’t want my mom in my life until I feel she’s accepted responsibility for how I’ve seen her behave,” Kailyn wrote in 2014.

“It hasn’t exactly been easy for me to block her out completely,” she admitted.

“But now that she doesn’t contact me very often,” Kail wrote, “I’ve found keeping her out to be much more manageable.”

Kailyn has not seen her father, Raymond, in even longer.

She last saw him in Texas, when she was pregnant with her son, Isaac.

That was in 2009.

Kailyn’s younger sister, Mikaila Shelburne, lives in Texas.

Both half-sisters share Raymond as their father.

Teen Mom 2 viewers saw the two of them reunite.

In November of 2020, however, Kailyn shared that the two had parted ways.

“I completely closed the chapter on my relationship between my sister and me,” she revealed at the time.

“We didn’t know each other our whole lives, and now that we’re adults, it’s so hard,” Kailyn admitted.

Mikaila had expressed displeasure about her portrayal during her limited appearances on the show.

It is unclear what role that may have played, if any, in their breakup.

But with four kids of her own, Kailyn clearly has all of the family that she needs.

Those with happy and healthy relationships with many family members may find the idea of going no-contact horrifying.

Similarly, people brought up with pernicious cultural views that regard family as absolute would consider it anathema.

But cutting a toxic family member out of your life can be healing and part of the key to happiness. Good for Kailyn.

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