Jonathan Rivera: 90 Day Fiance Alum Expecting First Child with Janelle Miller!

If Fernanda Flores wasn’t happy about Jonathan Rivera’s rebound engagement, she won’t love this, either.

Over the weekend, Jonathan made a special announcement.

He and his fiancee, Janelle Miller, are expecting.

And their baby boy will be here before you know it.

On Sunday, March 28, Jonathan Rivera took to Facebook to share some news.

“We’ve been keeping a little secret …” Jonathan teased his fans and followers.

He announced: “We will be welcoming our first child, our son, in August!”

The accompanying photo was a materinity shot, showing Janelle cradling her baby bump while on the beach.

“We love him so much already,” Jonathan gushed.

On behalf of himself and Janelle, he expressed: “We couldn’t be more excited.”

In 2020, Jonathan and Jenelle announced their engagement with a photoshoot on the beach.

There, Janelle flashed her ring.

Beaches are always an appropriate place for engagement shoots, but this time, there was an extra reason.

The COVID-19 pandemic was still in full swing at the time, ravaging our nation … as it continues to do now.

So, at the time, the beach was a very tasteful place to have an outdoor, socially distanced photoshoot.

Fans appreciated the responsible gesture from the happily engaged couple.

Jonathan and Janelle began dating in early 2019, months after his bitter split from ex-wife Fernanda Flores.

That spring, he kept teasing fans with almost-photos of Janelle, showing that he was happily dating.

They even went on a cruise together, all before anyone learned her name or saw her face.

Jonathan is a realtor by trade.

Though his family is largely based in and around Chicago, that is not where he lived on 90 Day Fiance.

At that time, he was in Lumberton, North Carolina.

After perhaps taking some hard lessons from his marriage to Fernanda to heart, he and Janelle moved to Chicago.

This of course truly rubbed Fernanda the wrong way.

In addition to allegations of neglect, lies, and abuse, another sticking point in their marriage was that he remained in Lumberton.

North Carolina is home to world class hospitals, first rate universities, and multiple large and thriving cities where there is always something to do.

Lumberton, a modest sized town, is not one of them.

Fernanda wasn’t happy there, and fans have concluded that Jonathan realized that the sort of woman he wants to be with wouldn’t be, either.

Of course, moving to Chicago — whether it was for himself, Janelle, his family, or his career — did not go unnoticed by Fernanda.

As we saw recently (if you’re keeping up with her life on The Single Life), Fernanda was crushed when she learned that he was living in Chicago.

It’s not that it was the only issue in their marriage, but why, she wondered, didn’t he move there to try to save their marriage?

Maybe it was timing, finances, or something else — it’s just not clear because we cannot read Jonathan’s mind.

However, Fernanda and Jonathan are thoroughly divorced, and their fans and critics alike agree that this is for the best.

Congratulations to Jonathan and Janelle! August will be here before they know it!

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