Jack Dylan Grazer Talks About His Sexuality After Fan Asks if He’s Gay

Luca and Shazam actor Jack Dylan Grazer is coming out.

The 17-year-old actor discussed his sexuality during an Instagram Live this week after a fan point-blank asked him if he’s gay.

Keep reading to see what Jack Dylan Grazer said about his sexuality…

“I’m bi,” he replied after reading the question out loud. A couple seconds later, he said his Luca character’s famous line, “Silenzio Bruno!”

Fans noticed that Jack updated his Instagram page to include his pronouns, which are he/they.

Jack is best known for his roles as Eddie Kaspbrak in the It movies, as Freddy Freeman in the Shazam series, and most recently as Fraser Wilson in the HBO series We Are Who We Are. He is also the voice of Alberto Scorfano in the new Disney and Pixar animated movie Luca, which is streaming on Disney+.

Jack recently opened up about the unique place where he recorded Luca.

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