‘It’s not a probe into her life’ Joanna Lumley sets record straight over her book on Queen

Joanna Lumley explains her new book on Queen Elizabeth

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Joanna Lumley appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Monday to discuss all things concerning her latest publication about Queen Elizabeth II ahead of her upcoming Platinum Jubilee next year.

What’s more, the 75-year-old, who is an ambassador for Prince Charles’ charity The Prince’s Trust, and attended his wedding to the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005, recalled many first-hand encounters she’s had with the royal family over the years. 

Here’s somebody we all know so well but don’t really know

Joanna Lumley

But Joanna also set the record straight and told ITV viewers that her book was not ruthlessly examining the Queen’s life.

If anything, it highlights all of the wonderful things Her Majesty has achieved since acquiring her throne in 1952, having gone on to become the world’s longest-reigning monarch with a whopping 69 years in power.

Joanna calls it a “compilation”.

While discussing her latest book, she clarified: “It’s all compiled into this book, made into different themes – it’s not a history book, it’s not a probe into her life. 

Joanna Lumley

“It’s reflections of the Queen from all different parts and it builds up the most fantastic character in the centre of it.”

“Here’s somebody we all know so well but don’t really know.”

In the book, Joanna also mentions an encounter she shared with Princess Anne, who apparently wasn’t too thrilled to be in the Absolutely Fabulous actress’ presence. 

The latter recalled how she had crossed paths with the Queen’s daughter at a charity event, but things quickly went south when Princess Anne caught Joanna breathing over a chocolate biscuit before putting it back on the plate.

The Srinagar native opened up about the experience to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, saying: “She’s very astute and wildly clever, and she notices everything.

“I was talking too much, and somebody came round with a plate of chocolate biscuits.”

“Because I’m senior to Princess Anne in age, nothing else, I would talk, talk, talk, and I got the biscuit just up to about there and I saw her looking, I put it back, having breathed on it.”

Joanna concluded: “She gave me a bit of a look.”

Last month, the model and activist revealed another embarrassing encounter with the royals in an interview with The Telegraph, revealing how she had “rambled on” at the Queen about legalising drugs in what she now deems an awkward rant. 

Joanna said she was overcome with nerves on this particular day when she came face-to-face with Her Majesty, which became apparent based on how quickly their conversation began to derail. 

“We’d got onto the subject of drugs, and I said that I thought if drugs were made legal – for instance, if cocaine came between cough mixture and corn plasters – that it would knock out all the drug barons and all the world’s villainy,” she explained.

“I mean, what made me suddenly rant off like that?”

Joanna instantly regretted her decision to bring up the subject, to begin with, but even though the Queen opted not to share her thoughts on the matter, she asked the movie star to continue sharing her thoughts. 

“She’s got this clever way of saying, ‘How interesting, do tell me more, do go on’, which just makes you ramble on.”

Despite having shared countless encounters with the royals, Joanna says it’s still “scary” actually being in the same room with one of the family members.

A Queen for All Seasons is available now.

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