Holly Willoughby recalls first meeting husband Dan: ‘I was falling in love with him’

Holly Willoughby offered a rare insight into her marriage to husband Dan Baldwin during an interview to promote her new book.

The 40 year old presenter appeared on Loose Women on Thursday to promote her new book Reflection and ended up discussing the early days of their relationship, revealing they met as friends for three months before beginning a romantic relationship.

Holly spoke of her surprise of suddenly realising she fancied her friend after they began a intense friendship.

The star explained: “We met on Saturday mornings and we became really ridiculously close friends, it was this intensity of friendship for about 10-15 weeks and I remember cheersing him with a glass and I was looking at him and like 'Oh my God, I fancy him, I fancy my friend!'

“It took me so by surprise and I thought, 'Oh God, what's just happened?' And the relationship carried on. And I think in hindsight, I was falling in love with him. I think that's what that intensity was, but I didn't necessarily recognise it.”

When Holly was asked if she still considers Dan to be her best friend, she said: “Yeah, definitely. He knows me better than anyone, he's my absolute support. He gives the best advice of anybody, he's got that strength and good moral fibre, so I always check and run everything past him.”

Holly and Dan, who is a TV producer, have been married for 14 years and have three children together – Harry, 12, Belle, 10 and Chester, seven.

While on the promotional tour for her new book last year, Holly also gave more insight into their relationship.

Speaking about arguing as a couple, Holly explained: “If I'm watching something on TV and my husband suddenly asks, "Why are you watching this s***?", it'll spark something deep inside and I will get disproportionately angry about it.

“But actually, I'm angry because I subconsciously feel as though someone's trying to control what I'm doing.

”'My husband absolutely isn't trying to control me, but I'm getting a really strong reaction, so maybe I'm worried about control in my life. Maybe that's a sign that I still need to address the issue of control.”

The star, who sprang to fame on children’s TV, also spoke about how lucky she feels to have Dan by her side in another interview with Heart FM’s Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new book Reflections, Holly explained: "The last few years I've kind of been looking inward a little bit.”

“I sort of got to this stage in life where I was like, ‘I've got a really lovely life, I love my husband, I fancy my husband. I've got great kids.”

However, she went on to say that she also realised she needed to make more time for herself and her interests.

Holly continued: “I'm very blessed in many, many ways, but something is missing.”

”I couldn't work out what it was, and eventually having looked inwardly, I sort of went ‘God, it’s me! I'm missing!’”

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