Here are Black-Owned Businesses to Support Now & Forever

There are many ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement including signing petitions, joining on-the-ground protests, making donations and contacting government officials.

But now think about where you currently spend your money and where you can spend your money. One of the most sustainable ways to support the black community is to shop at black-owned businesses. Below are some lists compiled by black writers, activists, leaders, and diners.

– The James Beard Foundation organized a list of black-owned businesses and restaurants by state and region
Sophia Rush compiled a list of 30 Black Children Books for Every Kid’s Library.
Akili King and Naomi Elizee put together a list of 68 Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Support Now and Always

You can also check out Support Black Owned, which allows you to search through thousands of black-owned businesses across the country in every imaginable category.

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