G Herbo Under Fire After His Friends Discuss Giving His Son Yosohn Head on IG Live

As if it’s not already worse enough, one of his friends also says that he will hang the little boy, whom the rapper shares with ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher, off the balcony.

AceShowbiz -It’s a known fact that G Herbo a.k.a. Lil Herb is a loving father to his son Yosohn, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher, but that doesn’t stop people from being worried over the little boy’s well-being. It all started after two of his friends held an Instagram Live stream and discussed what they wanted to do with Yosohn in the future.

During the session, both of his friends, who go by the names Lil Gregg and Lil Wet respectively, could be seen talking about Yosohn when Gregg suddenly said that he would hang the child off the balcony one day by giving him a wedgie. Meanwhile, the other one told his friend that he’d get someone to give the baby head when he was still young.

People were naturally not having it as a lot of people begged Ari to go get her son before it’s too late. “This is the sick people you have around your son,” one person said while tagging Herbo’s Instagram handle. “Disgusting!! Now when Ari snaps…don’t say nothing,” another said, as one other commented, “Ari you need to get your son and keep him g herbo friends are on live Sexually talking about him I was thinking about sending the video but I don’t think a mother would want to see that.”

“This is why you can’t let anyone watch your kid,” someone else said, as an individual echoed the sentiment, “Wtf! This why you can’t leave your child/ren around everybody! Disgusting.” There was also one person who wrote, “He attacked her friends just for his to do this.” On the other hand, someone directly asked Herbo, “What you gotta say now?”

Many others, in the meantime, urged Herbo to keep the same energy just like when he went off on Ari over the sexual comment her friends said about Yosohn. In response to the friend who said that Yosohn was going to “eat” an infant girl, Herbo said at the time, “YOU H**S CLOWNS! AINT S**T AINT GOT S**T AINT NEVER GONE HAVE S**T @therealkylesister THIS COOL TO YOU TOO HUH?? IF YOU AINT SMACK THIS B***H YOU JUST AS WORSE AS HER…I PRAY EVERYDAY MY SON GROW UP LIKE I DID…WITH MORALS AND SENSE…”

Ari later defended herself by saying that she never knew her friends posted something like that. “B***H I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS WAS POSTED! AND AINT THIS THE SAME WAY YOU WENT OUT AND CAUGHT HERPES BY PUTTING YO MOUTH AND DIRTY A** D**K IN B****ES P***Y? SO NO MY SON WILL NOT GROW UP LIKE YOU DID CLOWN!” she said.

Fortunately, the two of them reconciled over time.

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