Dolly Parton Shares Hopeful New Single ‘When Life Is Good Again’

Dolly Parton shared a new song, “When Life Is Good Again,” exclusively on Entertainment Weekly last Wednesday (May 27). A day later, she released a music video for the song.

The song, written by Parton during quarantine, speaks about the challenges faced by people during the coronavirus pandemic and stresses the importance of compassion, thoughtfulness and living in the moment.

It sees Parton pledging to be more thoughtful and in the moment once normalcy is restored, and spells out ways that would help people become better after this challenging period. It also reassures that things will be fine soon.

“When life is good again / I’ll be a better friend / A bigger person when / Life is good again / More thoughtful than I’ve been / I’ll be so different then / More in the moment when / Life is good again,” Parton sings.

She continues, “I’ll open up my heart / And let the whole world in / I’ll try to make amends / When life is good again / We’ll make it through this long dark night / Darkness fades when faced with light / And everything’s gonna be alright / When life is good again.”

In early April, Parton launched a 10-week web series called “Goodnight With Dolly” where she reads books to children. The series is an extension of her Imagination Library book gifting program. She has donated over 130 million books since 1995 through this program.

The country music legend recently donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University in support of coronavirus research.

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