BTS Open Up About Dealing with the Pandemic

BTS are opening up about their Grammy nomination and how they’re staying positive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group appeared on the Spout Podcast on Wednesday (March 10) to discuss their latest album and shared a message of encouragement with their fans.

When host Tino Cotino asked if it was strange hosting virtual concerts rather than performing live for their fans, RM replied, “Of course. We already had two virtual concerts this year, the October one was the second one, so we’re already kind of accustomed to this online format but of course we really miss the audience and noise.”

He continued, “We have the fear that this is some kind of like, future concert. So yeah, we’re afraid but getting used to it.”

Tino also asked how they’ve been staying positive and if they have a message for fans struggling during the pandemic.

“We actually released a song called ‘Life Goes On’ and that’s all we want to say,” RM said. “Whatever happens, people who’s alive going to carry on, we got to carry on. We gotta be alive, stay safe because life goes on and time passes by.”

V said, “Don’t forget that someone here understands you.”

The band also shared their thoughts on their 2021 Grammy nomination and what they would do if they won.

“If feels like we could do anything if we get the win,” RM said. “So I don’t know, maybe just take some champagne and have some videos to thank our fans and enjoy our big day.”

“Maybe I will cry,” J-Hope added.

Listen to the full episode below!

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