Babyface and Teddy Riley to Have Instagram Live Rematch Following Initial Epic Fail

Babyface, who was born Kenny Edmonds, and Teddy drew a massive audience of over 400,000 viewers on Saturday, but they were forced to shut it down due to technical issue.

AceShowbiz -Fans who anticipate a song battle between Babyface and Teddy Riley can rejoice now. The two musicians were set to appear on “Verzuz” Instagram Live battle on Saturday, April 19, but were forced to abruptly shut it down due to technical issue. Now, the two have announced a rematch!

In an Instagram comment, Babyface confirmed that their new Live battle would take place on Monday. “The Rematch: Monday 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST,” so the Grammy-winning musician wrote to his followers about the upcoming episode of Swizz Beatz and Fat Joe‘s Instagram Live series. Teddy added, “Let’s get back to the love of music this Monday 8pm! #mondayNightLive #setbackforacomeback #4theloveofmusic.”

Babyface, who was born Kenny Edmonds, and Teddy drew a massive audience of over 400,000 viewers on Saturday. However, before they started, they were interrupted with technical difficulties regarding the audio. They decided to take a 30 minute break to fix the problem but when Teddy returned, his audio was still too low. They even called Dr. Dre for help.

“I’m sitting here. I’m waiting. I’m wondering what the f**k is going on,” Dre said to a member of Teddy’s team. The “2001” star added, “What we doing right now? I’m over here and I’m sitting and I’m waiting! I have so much respect for both ya’ll… I gotta see this.”

Meanwhile, the technical issues apparently drove Toni Braxton, who tuned into the Instagram Live session, crazy. Taking to her Twitter account, the singer live tweeted everything.

“Teddy this echo is killing me! Cmon man!” she wrote, adding, “Now Teddy, you know Face set up isn’t messing up your sound!” In another tweet, Toni said, “The hype man doesn’t know how to fix audio? AND he doesn’t have a mask on either? Teddy! What is going on!?”

Still coming at Teddy, Toni tweeted, “Teddy is just discombobulated.” Another tweet read, “Are we really starting over? I’m sorry I gotta make dinner this is like watching old foks use Jitterbug phones.”

Now that Babyface and Teddy have scheduled a rematch, Toni may be excited.

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