Ashley Martson: I’m Divorcing Jay Smith … And It’s My Fault

On Saturday, September 19, Ashley Martson had an announcement.

She and Jay Smith are over after more than three years of marriage.

This time … unlike their last three breakups … it's over for good, she says.

Curiously, the 90 Day Fiance alum seems to blame herself, and not her husband.

When couples break up and one of them is a serial cheater … it's usually the fault of the serial cheater.

Ashley is now apologizing to her loved ones.

No matter how you felt about this couple, this is a heartbreaking read.

1.It's over!

2.Just last month …

3.Just weeks ago, she was clapping back at doubters

4.They had just opened a business together

5.Ashley posted this graphic

6.She has big news

7.Fourth time (breaking up)'s the charm?

8.She suggeststhat it's her fault?

9.It's all about trust

10.No hard feelings?

11.Now for a shocker (sincerely)

12.Not with a bang, but a whimper

13.Now hold up, Ashley

14.She is devastated

15.She had so many plans …

16.She feels like she's letting down others

17.Ashley's trying to move forward

18.And WOW

19.Read it for yourself:

20.Of course, that message is no longer there

21.Jay conducted a similar purge

22.This was a long time coming

23.Ashley's next step

24.There's just one problem

25.Will this time be any different?

26.Who knows …

27.Good luck!

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