Anne Robinson ‘might have slapped next Remainer’ who demanded second Brexit vote

Countdown: Anne Robinson discusses becoming new presenter

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The TV host, 76, is best known for her razor-sharp wit and savage put-downs on the hit BBC quiz show The Weakest Link. Robinson was confirmed as the new host of Countdown yesterday after Nick Hewer tweeted that he would retire from the Channel 4 show in June. The outspoken star once delivered a blunt rant as she weighed in on the Brexit debate and delivered barbed comments about moaning Remainers.

Robinson took aim at those who voiced frustration at the nation’s vote – 52 percent of the public – to leave the EU.

At the time, she was concerned about former Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations. 

The TV star warned that it was “inevitable” that Britain was going to be “humiliated” under her leadership because she was not a “stern negotiator”.

Robinson questioned: “How can you succeed when you look as if you wish none of this was happening?”

However, she was adamant on one point – the UK must “certainly not” have a second referendum. 

Her frustration arose amid calls for another vote on the EU membership, despite more than 46 million people heading to the polls in the first referendum.

Robinson’s anger was provoked by protests in opposition to the result, including the supposed “one million” person march in London, in 2019.

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She said: “In fact, I might well slap the next Remainer who tells me that ‘We need a second vote before we can leave the EU.’”

Robinson admitted there was “pressure to ignore the result” during Britain’s difficult Brexit talks with the EU but insisted that it could not happen.

She argued that a second referendum would be “the exact opposite of democracy”.

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In her 2018 Mail On Sunday column, she wrote: “[It’s] precisely what you would expect from the EU – an institution with three presidents, none of them elected.”

Robinson believed a second referendum would undermine democracy and “such a ploy” would be seen as “despotic” by Brexiteers.

She vented: “What if we treated a general election in the same way?”

Robinson admitted that she was “sick of Remainers” and believed many considered themselves on “the moral high ground”.

She thought that came in contradiction with them “treating Brexiteers with the sort of hysterical anger and grief you would expect if you had just run over their dog”.

Robinson concluded: “I’m sick of them demanding to know why I want to give up our role in Europe… For this, they deserve another slap.”

She argued that the concept of the EU was flawed because it encouraged individual nations to “surrender” power.

Robinson claimed they “mistakenly believed” that losing their autonomy was the only way “to have a voice on the world stage”.

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She said: “Who in their right mind thinks a system that denies any country the right to control its borders, decide taxes, frame regulations or its trading relationships, has any merit?”

Robinson believed the EU undermined nations’ individual democracies by imposing laws and enforcing them upon all member states. 

She argued by doing that, the bloc essentially stated: “To hell with national Parliaments.”

Robinson continued: “As for Brexit looking dangerous – how can it be worse than being leg-ironed to the EU?”

She believed that if the UK left properly and were free to trade then there was “nothing to prevent” Britain from being “a far more attractive place for investment”.

Robinson’s comments about Brexit have came before she was announced as the new host of Countdown yesterday. 

She admitted being “beyond thrilled” to front the show and has also made history by being the first female host since its inception in 1982.

Robinson quipped: “The show is almost as old as I am and just as historic.”

The Countdown announcement was met with congratulations from those affiliated with the show online, including Hewer, who retires in June. 

On Twitter, he wrote: “Great news that Anne Robinson will be taking the chair and back on TV. It’s been too long!”

Former star Carol Vorderman added: “Wishing lovely Anne the very best on Countdown.

“I hope your time on the show is as happy as mine was for so very many years. Only the happiest of memories.”

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