'1619 Project' Creator Says Trump Can't Stop Schools from Teaching True History

President Trump‘s threat to defund schools implementing the “1619 Project” in history classes is just another divisive election tactic, but he’s fighting a losing battle … so says the creator of the progressive U.S. history initiative.

Nikole Hannah-Jones is the investigative journalist directing ‘1619,’ and she’s pushing back on the President’s opposition of the project by suggesting he has racial motives … and not the best interest of the U.S. in mind, as he has claimed.

Nikole joined “TMZ Live” to clarify what the project is all about, and quell the notion being stirred by Trump and others that it’s a mission to change history and make people hate America.

Instead, she says its goal is to help Americans learn from their true history — starting with the year African slaves were first brought to U.S. soil. Nikole says learning the truth about something rarely taught in traditional history classes will provide the perspective Americans need to strive toward the ideals upon which the country was founded.

Just as importantly, she says it will help Americans better understand why millions are marching and protesting today for social justice.

Nikole also points out that despite Trump’s threats, he’s powerless to direct what is taught in schools … and can’t pull funding as he’s threatened to do in California.

“The truth is, the ‘1619 Project’ is already being put into practice in many schools across the country, teaching students about the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans to the nation’s history.”

Nikole says there’s still a long way to go though … and she’s not about to let Trump stop her or the project.

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