Woman shares the easy way she gets rid of stinky fridge smells – and it only takes seconds

ONIONS, cheese, fish – our fridges often contain a huge variety of stinky foods.

But did you know that there's a simple and effective way to get rid of pungent smells in your kitchen?

And best of all, you'll be recycling in the process!

TikTok user PureWow explained in a video on the site that the perfect way to dispel stinks from your fridge is to place a pot of used coffee grounds inside.

This is because coffee contains nitrogen, which helps to absorb the odours.

It also gives a faint smell of coffee – and who doesn't love the smell of coffee?

Change the coffee ground pot every couple of months, for a stink-free fridge!

"This really works!" someone commented on the post, while another added, "It's the best."

PureWow added that if you're worried someone will knock the pot over in the fridge, the grounds – which should be dry to avoid them going mouldy – can be stored in a nylon stocking.

The comments section of the post also saw people suggesting numerous other ways coffee grounds can be used to get rid of residual odours.

"Flight attendants use them on planes sometimes if there’s a funky smell," one person wrote.

"To get rid of the cigarette smell in a car too," someone else commented, while another wrote, "We used them in the ICU to absorb bad smells in patient rooms."

Another person commented: "As a mover I’d tell people to put fresh coffee grounds in a filter and tape it up, put it in the fridge if it’s going into storage."

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