Woman shares bizarre toe hack for squeezing into high heels but commenters say they'd be 'embarrassed' to do it

WE'VE all experienced the pain of squeezing our feet into tight, strappy high heels – but this Tiktok user has taken things to the extreme with an attempt to make shoes look like fit properly.

Though the hack does technically allow feet to squeeze into uncomfortable shoes, the methods are questionable to say the least.

A Tiktok user who goes by the name AC shared the hack and got some very mixed reviews.

In the video, they show a woman’s foot in a very high-heeled strappy sandal, with her pinky toe sticking outside the shoe, showing just how ill-fitting the heels are.

Instead of attempting to fit the pinky toe inside the shoe straps, AC simply colours the toe in with a black marker to make it look like the shoe fits.

The video has racked up 6.9 million views, and people can’t believe anyone would actually do this to their feet.

One viewer exclaimed: “This is a don’t!!!! No no no ma’am.”

“I thought they had six toes”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “Free the pinky!”

“Just buy shoes that fit and are comfy”, advised one commenter, and a second recommended that “nobody do this, ever”.

“No. Buy shoes that fit, I’d be embarrassed”, another added, while one just said: “Hell no.”

“What if it starts raining?” and “how is that comfortable?” were among the many questions that this video raised.

Some were more understanding of the hack, and admitted they had also gone to extreme lengths to make their shoes look like they fit.

“My mate used to have this problem, she used black electrical tape wrapped around her toes though”, explained one viewer.

One stated that “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”. 

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