Woman shares bizarre list of baby girl names she loves, including Richard & Craig – and people are horrified

WHETHER you're expecting a baby or motherhood is still a far-off fantasy, most of us already have our future children's names picked out and waiting for when the time comes.

One person who knows a little something about this is TikTok user Isabelle Ciarro.

Earlier this week, the social media user shared a list of baby girl names she loves and hopes to use one day.

But there's just one small detail people have been taking issue with- each of the monikers Isabelle picked out are typically used for little boys.

She captioned the clip: "I seriously LOVE boy names for baby girls."

In the video – which has been viewed over one MILLION times – Isabelle shared stock photos of babies alongside her chosen names.

Isabelle's first choice of baby girl name was Richard – followed by Craig, Gilbert and Eugene.

Turning tradition on its head, she also included the old-school names Bartholomew, Otis and Gregory in the shortlist too.

Needless to say, the video sparked fierce debate online – and people accused Isabelle of "trolling" them with her bonkers girls names,

"Trying to figure out if this was a joke has been a stressful experience," one replied.

Full list of ‘girl’ names:

  • Richard
  • Craig
  • Gilbert
  • Eugene
  • Otis
  • Bartholomew
  • Gregory

Another added: "I can't still tell if it is a joke??? She has to be trolling us???"

"After Richard, I was like "that's odd but I bet they'll get better," a third wrote. "How naive…"

And while another follower was originally interested in the idea of using boys names for girls, they wrote: "I was thinking more Blake or Riley…not freaking Richard and Eugene!"

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