Woman accidentally washes her sink in hand sanitiser and the game-changing mistake has left her kitchen taps gleaming

A WOMAN has shared how she accidentally washed her sink with hand sanitiser and the game-changing mistake has left her taps gleaming. 

Emma Ramsey, from Essex, said she now swears by using the anti-bacterial gel and says it works better than any cleaning products she had tried in the past. 

Taking to Facebook, she shared some before and after photos of her sink, which she said now looks “sparkly.”

She wrote on the group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas: “**CLEANING HACK**.

“So, I stumbled upon this completely by accident the other day when washing my hands with anti bacterial hand-wash in the bathroom basin. 

“I quickly washed the basin out smothering it in anti bac hand-wash and noticed how sparkly the taps were and still are! 

“So I put it to test in the kitchen sink and not only does it come out sparkly clean, it also removes rust and limescale! 

“I've tried brillo pads in the past but got sick of removing metal splinters from my hands and I've tried stainless steel cleaner but nothing has worked as well as this! 

“You can buy it for around £1 so it's cheap and it leaves your hands smelling nice and not half as damaged as actual cleaning products.”

Many people have been highly impressed at her cleaning tip and said they wanted to try it out for themselves. 

One person wrote: “Wow its come up new! Great hack!”

And one commented: “Ooh, have to try this, thanks for sharing.”

Another added: “I discovered this too recently when getting stains out of clothes! I’m now using it to clean everything.”

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