Woman, 27, buys a heartfelt ‘special dad’ Christmas ornament – only to discover it’s a memorial plaque

IT'S ALWAYS better to buy Christmas gifts in advance rather than leaving it all to the last minute – which one woman has had to learn the hard way.

Shopping on Amazon, she bought an ornament for her dad, but what she didn't realise was that her impulse buy was actually a memorial plaque.

Amber Affleck, from Norwich in Norfolk, was left red-faced and even branded herself "stupid" after what she thought was a heartfelt ornament turned out to be something you put by a grave.

She'd left her Christmas shopping perilously late on December 19, when she resorted to some late night shopping – which led to the misguided purchase.

Determined to add a more personal addition to her dad's request for beer, chocolates and a home-made cake, the 27-year-old spent some time browsing online.

The glass plaque has a poem on it that include the lines, "There simply are not enough words to tell you how much I love you."

"Thank you for always believing in everything I do."

It looks like Amber was able to see the funny side, and it was definitely a thoughtful idea in theory.

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