Weekly horoscope for November 14 – 19: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

Above all, you have a chart of self-awareness this week, and no one knows you better than you know yourself.

So even if it seems out of character, or out of order – listen to your own heart first.

In passion terms, you’re a high-achiever, and yes, that supercool Scorpio is in your sights.

A money moon can lead you to lost tickets and bring back missed

DESTINY DAYS  You’re a proper diva on Tuesday, so stamp those demanding
feet! Look closer at a property document on Thursday, you may have
missed something. Sample a new source of news on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS   The title of a famous “S” play. A blue door three streets
away. A pattern of leaves on walls, or floors.

ARIES WINTER LOVE Venus is now firmly fixed in your highest hopes chart, and will remain there for the rest of the year.

So if you’ve got any deep love dreams you want to turn into action, this is your prime time.

Mars, planet of physical desire, throws lots of sudden attractions into the mix, and temptation is all around — until mid

December. Learning, together, what a couple like is a wonderful way to
spend long, dark nights.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Mars and Uranus face off in your chart – and you could question independence quotas in your life.

Yes, you can break free from old-school rules, especially at work.

And find smart ways to spread your wings. In love terms, though, do handle a delicate balance with care.

Single? Someone who gives honest, even blunt, feedback can be a great match.

APR 21 – MAY 21

DESTINY DAYS Put patience ahead of a performance on Monday.

Tie up legacy loose ends on Thursday.

Saturday is a Find The Fun In Everything day.

LUCKY LINKS An event where people cook together. A name or date on a
balloon display. Family sports photographs.

TAURUS WINTER LOVE You’re more adventurous in your emotional love style
for the next few months, but also more astute, as Venus stakes a claim in your travel and truth chart.

You pick up on subtle signals from partners, and really find ways to forge stronger, sexier bonds.

And yes, this includes talking about the future in clear, rather than vague,

Warm up your physical passion winter with Mars daring — this can fire up your seduction technique, but also entices even notorious heart-breakers into your orbit.

The last two weeks of December can be the sexiest time of your whole life!


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Pluto steps up planet pressure in your chart this week, and you’ll respond in such positive ways.

You’re agile at work, side-stepping difficult discussions and keeping spirits up.

While at home, the more obstacles that come your way, the stronger you become.

Your passion zone is physically electrifying, and body language speaks volumes, especially around “E”.

DESTINY DAYS Monday and Wednesday are powerful self-promotion days.
So plan that pitch! Be the best friend you can be on Friday. A set
meal on Sunday can inspire success.

LUCKY LINKS A “T” name from an old diary. Competitions that mix words
and numbers. A building with a red roof.

GEMINI WINTER LOVE A step out of everyday routine, and into a magical, mystery world of fantasy loving — this is what Venus plans for you this winter.

The passion planet drives your zone of personal growth and change — and once-in-a-lifetime feelings and experiences — for the rest of this year.

So in emotional terms, expect a series of firsts, and freedom from self-imposed restrictions.

As Venus reverses on December 19, a couple can go back in time towards a new promise.

Mars adds stamina to existing physical fire – so expect plenty of all-night
sessions, plus some surprise workplace attraction.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Venus is in strong match-making position in your chart – and this can encourage some key meet-ups this week.

You may not be looking for love, but it can find you anyway.

Turquoise-painted walls set the scene.

A full moon of deep friendship underlines how much certain people matter to you – and it’s time to show it.

Mercury takes a one-word creative idea and runs with it.

DESTINY DAYS Time makes you rich on Tuesday – save as much as you can.
Thursday and Friday are fitness-boosting and busting days. Sunday
brings a sincere “sorry”.

LUCKY LINKS A contest with a countdown clock. Blue and silver
squares. A montage of baby pictures.

CANCER WINTER LOVE Making casual love committed, and planning all kinds
of ceremonies for two – this is just part of your upcoming Venus love months.

Placed perfectly in your marriage sector, the love planet encourages warm, open emotional connections, and helps wipe away doubts or fear.

A big shared announcement can happen by Christmas.

Your physical winter love profile is fun, creative and afraid of nothing.

This can lead to outdoor escapades, and maybe a liaison with a famous comedian. Led by Mars, you’ll be trying things you’ve never dared before.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

Yes, there may be aspects of your working life that are testing you right now, but your chart is full of patience. 

So you can turn tricky times into stepping stones – taking you towards a new star role. 

Try to assess people by what they do, not what they say.  Including yourself! 

Pluto may shake up bonds, at work and home, but this opens up new ways of connecting and co-operating.

DESTINY DAYS  A casual Tuesday lunch can lead to an interview by Friday.
  Sort out  – and share out – chores on Thursday.  Your birthdate is a
Saturday luck factor.

LUCKY LINKS  The theme tune of a sports show.  Your friend who’s visited
America most times.  Three black cars in a line.

LEO WINTER LOVE  If you’ve struggled to establish equality in a
relationship, this can change over the coming weeks, as Venus encourages
a fairer emotional atmosphere. 

And building something together, from a business plan to flat pack furniture, can bond a couple in unexpected ways.  The best gift you could hope for can be chosen for you before December 19. 

As for physical loving, Mars mixes stability and creativity,  So you test boundaries and explore fantasy ideas – and this makes a bond stronger than ever.

Single Leos find new pleasure in reliving history.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

There’s a Venus lightness of touch in your romance zone – so you can fall in love before you even realise it.   

And a slow, velvety voice can be part of this. 

If you’re attached, adding simple fun times to your mutual To-Do list is a great move. 

An “S” musician and a place you first heard their music, are linked in your luck-finder zone.

And a travel moon brings a journey full circle.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday is perfect for making things, from new recipes to
revised CVs.  Follow up on a cash clue on Tuesday.  Be yourself, 100%,
on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  Someone who often dresses all in one colour.  A picture of
a windmill.  A character from your all-time favourite movie.

VIRGO WINTER LOVE  Playful, funny, and full of pure romance – Venus maps out a glorious few months for your Virgo love life. 

Letting loose and simply laughing together can connect partners in emotionally rich ways -and you also find creative solutions to time apart. 

Dates with a “5” in them are especially significant.  Meanwhile, with Mars powering your communication zone, from pillow talk to phone sex to secret suggestive notes, words really work for you.  Single?  A writer is your perfect
partner in passion.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

You have Mercury’s gifts for working with what you have – especially in a money sense.

And your personal take on this can find a place in a special forum.

Best of all a time of always looking for ways to earn better, or win more, can end
because you are in charge of cash.

A moon of instant desire takes love, new or existing, to a steamy new level.

DESTINY DAYS Wednesday to Friday you’re on fire creatively. On
Thursday, dance like no one’s watching. Refresh work numbers on

LUCKY LINKS Windows dressed in white lace. A shop with a yellow
logo. A family who share a business.

LIBRA WINTER LOVE The rest of your love year promises commitment,
shared roots, and calm after any recent emotional storms.

From an exchange of keys to simply realising your heart has found its forever
home, you are building the secure future you want – and yes, a bigger family can be part of this.

Mars, meanwhile, sets you up for a few months of blossoming physical confidence. In yourself, your feelings, your body — and who you choose to share them all with.

Because yes, the choice is up to you. But when a dark Scorpio meets your gaze, you won’t


OCT 24 – NOV 22

With a trio of planet go-getters in your own sign, you are on a personal roll. 

You’ve got charm to carry other people along with you, as long as you know it’s for the right reasons. 

Not just for show.  Mars is 100% honest, but Mercury is great with words, so together they help you excel as a giver of opinions. 

Your love chart is intimate – yes, do take the risk, start opening up.

DESTINY DAYS  It’s take-your-time Tuesday, as you give ideas room to breathe.  Thursday is a brilliant cash booster day.  Be there for a “W” friend on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A band with a female singer.  Food that reminds you of
funfairs.  A necklace of green stones.

SCORPIO WINTER LOVE  Venus is changing how you think, and speak, about
love over the next few months. Instead of ignoring your emotions, you can recognise them – and fulfil them. 

For partners, this means a longtime barrier can break down. 

If you’re single, you admit what you really need, and this is step one to getting it.  Mars, your raunchy ruler, is in your own sign and so you’re even sexier than ever. 

No one can resist when you decide to switch on your Scorpio passion power.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

You know you rate loyalty near the top of your essential love and friendship list. 

So if someone just isn’t matching up to your standards, it’s time to take action. 

Sometimes a clean break is best.  The full moon later in the week can transform some unlikely work vacancies into a sure thing. 

And if fitness energy has deserted you lately, then it’s back now, ready to get

DESTINY DAYS   Walking near water can clear your mind on Monday. 
Wednesday, get a work application done and dusted.  Stay calm, under
pressure, on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS   A set of blue steps.  Your most recently moved-in
neighbour.   Australian accents.

SAGITTARIUS WINTER LOVE   A move away from “things” towards experiences and emotions is the key marker of your Venus’ winter chart. 

Gifts and possessions mean less than time and care – and you really acknowledge
the power of kindness. 

This can introduce you to a slow-burn love. 

While partners reach a big decision about a big shared purchase.  Marspassion power fills your chart with mystery, so you’re a sexual enigma for the next few months. 

No one quite “gets” you but everyone wants to try!  From mid-December, you’re the zodiac’s prime lover.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

Love and money may feel awkward bedfellows, but now you have rich ways to bring them closer together. 

And clear, two-way talking is the first, vital step.   

When both partners know what they’re dealing with, the rest falls into place.

And a dream purchase comes closer.  You’ve got the zodiac’s most original and creative chart, full of fresh full moon-inspired thinking.

DESTINY DAYS  Tuesday you can bring forward a future-facing love chat. 
Wednesday is a day to watch and wait, especially at work.  Saturday, you’re ready to put a new spin on an existing invitation.

LUCKY LINKS   Disco music.  A table set for five.  Your favourite
colour, worn by your favourite celebrity.

CAPRICORN WINTER LOVE  Whatever you want from love can happen between
now and Christmas, as Venus strengthens position in your own sign.  And
your emotional intelligence, and confidence, both grow too. 

You accept differences in partners can make a couple stronger, and spending time
apart does not shake your certainty. 

In fact, the more partners develop individually, the better they become, together. 

Mars’ super-sociable side is hot in your physical chart, and outdoor, maybe public loving, extravagant gestures and scenes from a famous erotic film can boost
Capricorn sex factor.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

You have moon mystery plus Jupiter radiance – and can make a huge impression this week, without saying a word. 

So don’t feel you need to fill silences, or fix communication breakdowns.  Just focus on being your fabulous self. 

In love terms, too, nothing may be said, but you can feel how a partnership
is growing. 

Single?  Look for love at a closing-down or leaving event.

DESTINY DAYS  Leap into the week with a Monday exercise promise.  Add
your ideas to a work pool on Thursday.  Use weekend time to write from
your heart.

LUCKY LINKS  Heart-shaped cookies or cakes.  Contests linked to quick
reactions.  The scent of peppermint.

AQUARIUS WINTER LOVE  You are ready to release those parts of yourself
you have kept in check until now – and love without limits.  Venus
inhabits the zone of your secret self for the next few months – and
emotionally this is so positive for you. 

Fears can fade, and gradually you reveal and share every part of your true self. 

If you’re single, someone in a charity role can initiate this process. 

Physical loving, meanwhile has a high-energy Mars boost – libido is off the scale and love and passion come first in your priorities.  If you’re single, a
local celebrity is a hot pick.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

The moon and sun highlight very different areas of your personality and potential – and you can be surprised where this leads. 

Because you can suddenly be in charge, at work or at home – and powering towards a fresh take on your future. 

A friend who is always there for you may need you right now – so yes, you
should ask. 

Love mixes fun times with “P” dates.

DESTINY DAYS  Widen your social circle on Tuesday – to “C”. Seek another
chance at a test or task on Thursday.  Click with a teasing, tender
Virgo on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS   A shell-shaped bracelet.  The scent of freshly brewed
coffee.  Numbers that add up to your age.

PISCES WINTER LOVE  Putting mutual respect ahead of selfish passion is
Venus’ key upcoming influence.   

Equality, friendship and fairness are at the heart of winter love – and you have the ability to correct any lack of balance.   

But you’re also looking at your own emotional approach and working out whether giving and taking are totally in tune. 

Love on the move is your Mars theme – and new physical horizons are ready to be reached, and relished. 

You’ve got a naughty thrill-seeking side right through to 2022.   

And a cute commuter can be a fantasy passion passenger.

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