The Bobbing for Apples sex position is the perfect move for Halloween lovers

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner and if you really want to make things go bump in the night you might want to try this sultry themed bedroom move. 

Prove you’re the perfect blend of sugar and spice with the Bobbing for Apples sex position.

All you need to do is get your partner to sit on the bed or a chair while you put (or tie) your hands behind your back. 

With your hands out of action, take it in turns to give each other oral pleasure in the adult version of the Bobbing for Apples game at Halloween. 

According to Cosmopolitan: “See how many different kinds of pleasure you can provide with sucking, licking, gentle nibbles, tongue swirls or rapid taps. 

“If you want to include some power play, have your partner hold your wrists and instruct you what to do.”

If you really want to ramp up the steamy action, why not add blindfolds into the mix too. 

A dating survey found Halloween is typically a hot hook-up night for singles, with 23 per cent of people exchanging phone numbers with a dirty-devil or a vixen-vampire.

It’s also the perfect time for couples to spice things up.

The costumes and the imagination running riot are all perfect for getting you frisky on fright night.

Meanwhile, the Spider sex position is making couples go hump in the night this Halloween.

Alternatively, try these five Halloween sex positions to cast a spell on your partner.

And the unicorn sex position is the magical bedroom move couples are loving.

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