Telfar x Ugg: meet the cult bag getting a fuzzy makeover

Telfar has teamed up with Ugg to give the brand’s most coveted shopping tote bag a furry makeover just in time for Christmas. 

There are It bags and then there are bags that are so in demand your window to ‘add to basket’ is limited to mere minutes. The latter applies to a select few bags, but Telfar’s hugely covetable shopper tote bag currently occupies the top spot. Affectionately dubbed by industry insiders as the Bushwick Birkin, Clemens Telfar, who this year scooped up an CFDA award for Accessories Designer of the Year, has not only given us an It bag that serves all our 2020 bag needs (enough space for hand sanitiser, face covering, etc) but one that is actually affordable, with a starting price of £112 for the small shopper. 

Thanks to all of the above, global fashion platform Lyst – which analyses the behaviour of 100 million shoppers in order to track consumer demand –noted that searches for Telfar bags soared by 270% over the last two months.

And it’s about to hit the search bar even harder after announcing via Instagram that the brand is teaming up with our favourite cosy brand, Ugg. Naturally, the first product to be announced is a fuzzy version of Telfar’s iconic bag. Coming in sizes small and medium, the shopper is finished in classic Ugg colour chestnut with sheepskin trim. The price is yet to be announced but if we are working off Telfar’s brand ethos of making luxury fashion accessible, we are hopeful this one won’t break the bank. 

So how do you get it? Given the popularity of these brands this is going to be a case of fastest finger first. Shopper are directed Telfar’s website, where at 2pm today you can pre-order the bag which is expected to arrive any time between March and June, according to Telfar’s Instagram post. “We know that is a long time to wait — but these bags are insanely adorable and will sell out in minutes. PRE-ORDER now and your bag is SECURED.” 

If next spring is just too long to wait to get your hands on a piece of Telfar, keep checking their website for drops of the shopper bag in a plethora of rainbow colours, or try resale site Vestiaire Collective who currently house a considerable number of the brand’s most coveted piece.

Shop the Telfar x Ugg collection here. May the fashion odds be ever in your favour. 

Images: Courtesy of Ugg/ Instagram 

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